we should improve her condition

too weak to drive. Also, our cattle generally suffer in various isolation. Conclusion: Cows are one of our most important assets. So we should improve her condition by nursing and treating her properly She senior She looks extremely neutral She got her patsy hat to see TNE 403 She saw me pulling a tu we 1 stunt She comes in ane ks closer to the good nature of some of the Innerleys. . pass To Amt Dam by Your Shaders Don’t go out of the house on the ground Boa He runs my bed. FI got angry he looked closely at me and saw SRM affectionate Slocum AHR Ben Patsy’s Amish Ish Fish

Bangladesh are of different quality

Mick’s he inserts the rat’s mold and confirmed to them that Cat West MST Meats SM rats liked him so much. We-CHISE ie Gr icing Sea nut ani pi. He likes to play with the kids. He is a goal pilot. He lives with my younger brother and my little SSE knows about his MM. He does not do series, so he does not want to bat. He is in the room of Noor. And depending on other harmful insects, he is attacked and sometimes he is easily helped by our

hand. Comcilusim

Great gentleman is healthy and restores his shi reels and pests and thus 1S has done a very good job Wesouid his gracious rate he lends to all of us he is my regular companion. I like the germs I enjoy so much for having an animal of this kind, cats all the animals, cows are the most effective of us. A cow needs nothing at all. Nothing is unnecessary in a cow, so we should treat him kindly. The condition of the cows of

Bangladesh: The cows of Bangladesh are of different quality compared to the advanced calculations. Our cows give poor amounts. Our bulls plow the fields and areas written so many poems, stories, gazals. All fees pres and stories inspired the people of Bengal irrespective of caste and creed Ha books ‘Agibina, Bter Bansti’, Bidroti. Barbara, Bulbul, Dhumknd, etc are his notable works. They have a gs contribution towards Bengali linertre. He

composed foousand of songs and ‘gojal

. He also we 30 May novels, stories, dramas, and poems. He was sent to jail for his Dhumke and And His poems inspired thousands of people to fight for our independence Conclusion Nazrul Islam was greatly honored as the national poet of Bangladesh. But the is 20 more in this world. But he has left behind for us his invaluable works which will immunize him for all ages to come. He breathed his last on the 29th of August 1976.

have some good qualification but for their financial problem they are come to join the service. His daily work: A postman is to maintain office time like others. His daily work begins in the post- office in the morning. He opens the mail-bag and sorts letters, money-orders and registered and lured articles. He also makes the outgoing mail ready for dispatch. Then he goes out on his round. He delivers the letters and other postal articles to the addressees. He will never make any mistake, He is very careful of his

duties. The town postman

The town postman does not come in close-contract with the people. He goes from house to house and quietly drops the letters into the private letter-boxes. Where there is no letter-box, he lets down letters through some openings of the doors. He calls out only when there are money-orders or registered letters or parcels. After doing this he goes away. He has little time to wait and talk. He often takes a cycle while

on round. The village postman: Generally the village postman does not take any uniform dress. He has also to perform some office works. He is to sell the postcards, envelopes, stamps, etc. Conclusion: The postman is a very important figure in our society. He gets very poor pay though his responsibility is very great. Considering his works he should be given a good salary. Aries. ar to and heal 58. NEWSPAPER e and abroad It

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