We have no control over such a natural

We have no control over such a natural calamity. The government may, however. pre-caution and warn people to take shelter in safer places. 51. CHARACTER Introduction: Character is the crown and glory of life. It is the sum total of various noble virus Honesty, truthfulness, sympathy, and charity in its widest sense are some of this noble virtu which is found in a man of character. These noble virtues are like so many jewels. They make a man almost a divine being. The proverb goes, “When money is lost, nothing is lost, when health lost, something is lost, when the character is lost,

everything is lost

everything is lost

A Characterless Man: A man who does not possess any of these noble virtues is no better than a lower animal. Such a man has no morale. He is capable of doing any misdeeds. He is a danger to society because he exerts a bad influence on others. He corrupts those who come in contact with him A Man of Character: A man of character is a real prince among men. He is the beacon for humanity and its surest guide. Such a man is one of the moral forces of the world. The nation will be blessed if it possesses such men because a country depends mostly on these men for its all-round prosperity. Why necessary: Character generates faith and

commands confidence. A man of character is trusted and respected by all irrespective of caste and creed. Even his sworn enemies trust and respect him Sometimes it is thought that the easiest and quickest way to success in life lies in unfair means, It is not true. A man without character may attain wealth and power by deceiving people. But he is defeated sooner or later. His fall becomes inevitable. The success of a man of Character: A man of character may not be successful quickly, But in the long run, he becomes successful because today or tomorrow, people are sure to be convinced of his clean conduct and noble purpose.

Character serves man better

then an armed force. It is also more powerful than knowledge because knowledge can be utilized for the good of mankind only when it is accompanied by good character. When to cultivate: Formation of character, therefore, is of vital importance to every man and woman. Children should be properly trained up in all the noble virtues of human life. Students should read the lives of great men of the world and try to form their character accordingly.

They should also live in healthy environments and keep good company. All these will go a long way in forming the character of young men and women. Conclusion: Character is the greatest asset in man’s life. A characterless person is none but vale dust. So by hook or by crook, we have to be a man of good character and practice it in the whole life. 61 THE RAINY SEASON

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