village fair

What are found: In the village fair, there is no permanent shed. Temporary houses are t for off sale and display of goods. On the fair day, farmers and tradesmen flock to the fair from Tarno places to buy and sell goods. Travelling Jatra parties and carnivals of gamblers are found circus here. They add to the attraction of the village fair, The Jari songs, cockfight, Marty-go-to on and magic shows are also arranged in a village fair. How designed: The sellers sit in rows, There are rows for each type of articles, There are flows e vegetables, flashes and earthen pots. There are rows for

What is found: In the village fair

grocers and cloth-dealers. Again. there are rows for fancy goods utensils and sweets. In a village fair, almost all agricultural products are available at a moderate price. Exhibition of cottage industries: The village fair is a sort of exhibition of cottage industries. Farmers make many useful things at home, These things are brought to the fair and sold to the people Special attraction: The greatest attraction of a village fair is its magic and circus shows. Most of the people are attracted by them. Circus parties often bring

small tigers, elephants, monkeys

. horses and bears. As these are trained animals, they show funny feats. They entertain and excite all. They refresh their mind and help them find interest in life. Usefulness: A village fair is useful in many ways. It supplies the village people with their necessary commodities of life. A village fair gives us pleasure and recreation. The villagers sell their hand- made articles and earn a lot of money. It gives them scope for enjoyment. It helps trade and business. It encourages local arts,

industry, agriculture, and commerce. It is also used as the meeting place of the village people. They can meet their friends and kith and kin in the fair. They can also earn money at the fair. Demerits: Though a fair has some merits, it has some demerits too. Sometimes, there arose chaos between the people of the village. As a result, it sometimes turns into a bloody battle. So in order to arrange the fair,

security should be emphasized. Conclusion: A village fair is a traditional center of work and leisure. It brings about a good it today. RK.. In days recreation to the village people. So it should be managed by a local body under the supervision of the local responsible men. However, the committee should take steps to avoid any chaos or turmoil.

a is a aditional centre

of work and leisure N the village people So it should be managed by a local body under the super brings sent s god he Aal responsible men, However, the committee should take steps to avoid any chaos of time 55. A VILLAGE MARKET Linkrocuctioa: The market which sits in the village once or twice in a week is called a village is an important place for the villagers It sits in the afternoon and breaks up by evening Place and time to sit: A village market may sit under a large banyan tree or in an open field Generally it sits on the bank of a canal or a river, Most of

such markets open in the morning and break up at noon On hat days some markets sit at 1 or 2 p. m. and break up at night. Temporary shops: Two types of shops are seen in the village market. Some shops sit temporarily and Some sit permanently. Many things of daily use are sold in a village market in the temporary shop. Different things are set up at different places. There are fish corners, vegetable corners, rice corners, trust corner and so on. The sellers in each corner sit in lines. They set up their stocks before them.

There is a fairly large space

between the lines for the buyers to move and buy. There are among them even children who take it for a holiday, They often get some small coins from their parents to buy something for themselves. Permanent shops: Besides the floating shops, there are some permanent shop-keepers. They usually sell groceries, clothes and sweet-

meats. There is also a tea-stall in a market place. When the market breaks off, it sinks into silence again. Villagers in market days: Some come here to buy, some come here to sell and some come here to do both. There are some people who come here neither to sell nor to buy. They pass their time doing different types of things

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