village doctor is an essential person

 village doctor is an essential person in a village. He is the only means to provide to pert Concle treatment to the villagers. Two types of village doctors are seen in a village. They are either an allopath or a homeopath. He has a great demand for the villagers, His qualification: A village doctor is generally a quack. He works with a qualified doctor for a few years. Thus he gathers some experiences. Then he sets up a dispensary in his own villae His dispensary: He opens his dispensary either in his house or in a room in a village market Ir dispensary is generally poor in the show. It has a table, a

the person in a village

chair, one or two almirahs with a few vials of medicine and one or two benches for his patients. He is an important man in the village His mode of treatment: A village doctor always remains busy. All-day he provides treatment in the villagers. He does not have any time to take rest. Even after midnight, he is to Po for patients, Some families enter into an agreement with him to pay him a certain amount monthly or his res Intr tell new ma

man. He has got a high position in society. People respect him. But his income is low. Sometimes he is to give treatment to the villagers without any payment. His services: The village doctor is a very active man. He keeps busy all day. Early in the morning he examines the patients in his own dispensary and supplies them with medicine. Then be goes out on a visit on private calls. He knows the villagers well. He is very intimate with them So he looks upon them as his own relatives. The village doctor goes on a visit

on private calls either on foot or bicycle.

His knowledge may be poor but he has a high sense of responsibility. He is kind to his poor patients. He does not mind giving them medicine on credit. Conclusion: The village doctor is a friend to the poor villagers. He receives a nominal fee from the patients. He does not mind if anyone does not pay him. So the villagers love and respect him. 57. THE POSTMAN Introduction: The postman is a familiar figure both in towns and villages. He works in the post office. He brings to us our

letters, money orders, parcels, etc. His dress: Generally the postman takes a ‘khaki’ dress. Sometimes he takes a turban on the head. He is often seen to carry a letter-bag across his shoulder. He keeps e things of delivery in it. Again there are some postmen who ride a bicycle and deliver letters money orders etc. His qualification: The postman is a fourth class government employee. He is not well-qualified. Previously there were some postmen who were under SSC but now there are some postmen who

Newspaper is a puper which gives us

current news and views of home and abroad. It tells us what happens in home and abroad. The modern civilized people cannot do without newspapers. It is a blessing of modern science. The voice the feeling of the nation on current matters. They lend a public opinion. History of the newspaper: Venice in Europe was the first country to introduce the newspaper. India Gazette’ was the first Bengal newspaper of this sub-continent. The first Bengali newspaper was Samachar Darpan

‘ published from Sreerampur Newspaper in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh we have now so many newspapers. But one hundred years ago, there were few newspapers with limited sales. Even their prices were high. They are much cheaper now. Kinds of a newspaper: There are many kinds of newspapers, such as Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly. Most of the people read the dailies because they carry for us fresh and current news of the day. They also contain the views expressed by great leaders and thinkers of the world on current topics, The monthly contain articles, stories, literature and

poems. Usefulness: The usefulness of the newspaper can not be described in words. They are very useful to us. They bring us news from far and wide. We can know the conditions, manners, and customs of other countries, of the world from them. They are helpful to all classes of people. James Ellis says, “Newspapers are world’s mirrors.” To businessmen: The businessmen can find market about their goods. They can get the current prices of their goods. They can run their business through the newspaper. To the sports

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