There are so many games in our country

There are so many games in our country. Ha-du-du is an out-door game of our country. It is the most interesting of all the country games, It has some advantages. It can be played without spending much money. A small but smooth ground is quite sufficient for t Description: A ground where Ha-du-du is played is divided into two equal parts. A line is drawn Dekerr middle of the field. Each party must have an equal number of players, There is no limit to this number. Any number of players can take part in it, Usually 6 to 13 players for party in-game. How played: The players stand face to face in a line or in the form of a semicircle, Each party stands in one part of the ground., One player of a party runs to the middle line and suddenly falls upon the players of the opponent party. He utters all along the words Ha-

our country

du-du’ holding his breath and tries to touch a player or upon the players of the opponent party. If he can touch and return to his own area, he remains in ‘Life’. The opponent player or players touch by him are ‘dead’, that is, disqualified from playing. They keep outside the ground until a player of their party can touch some players of the opponent party. Then they come back to ‘life’ and join the game again. Thus the parties by turns send forth players, one at a time, to the opponent’s area. The game comes to an end when all the players of a party are ‘dead’, The party that survives is said to

have won the game. Usefulness

Ha- du-du is a country game. It makes us strong, healthy and active. It can develop friendship and brotherhood among the participants and participating countries. Lots of people watch

Every time we place of historical interest because Besides, visiting historical places gives us knowledge. It is a part and parcel of acquiring practical knowledge. ds wide. bats in nan and Time and occasion: To increase our historical knowledge, I with some of my friend’s te siet Mujib Nagor situated at Meherpur. It is related to the origin of Bangladesh. It is a place from the fight of our liberation was led. In this place, there is a big mango orchard which is to Fine was at. Preparation: We decided before when we start our journey. We also fixed time and accordingly ve hired a micro-bus. We started our journey at 9.00 PM in the morning as the place is not very

for e. One e field In the res to obey from ours. Description

At first, we went to a place. Its name is Amjhupi which is a very nice place for sightseeing. Here is a ghat. The English rulers came here using this ghat. There is strong evidence of it. We became very pleased to see the place. Again we recollect the ruling condition of the English. Destination: From there we left for our main destination. The difference between Amihupi and Mujib Nagor is not so far. We went through Meherpur, the little district of Bangladesh. We felt very proud that we saw the little district of Bangladesh. However, we reached at Mujib Nagor at II PM Importance of the place:

After reaching there we saw the garden moving everywhere. We came to know the real name of the place was Bhober Para but the name was changed during the liberation war. As Mujibur Rahaman led the liberation war, it was named after him. There is a big mausoleum there which attracted me much. We climbed on the top of the mausoleum. Position of the place: Besides the garden, the last area of Bangladesh and India is

situated. We went there.

We saw that there is a camp of BDR here. A small river is also there which has divided Bangladesh from India. After enjoying the beautiful scenery of the place we came back to our bus and took our lunch. We took rest under the shadow of mango trees after finishing lunch. We got real air free from pollution. After taking rest for some time we again went to the place where some Christian live. It is one of the main attractions for us. We went there through the zigzag road of the village.

e talked to them. We went to their religious place. We saw a very big bell hanging at the top of the building. I never saw so much big bell anywhere. We entered into it. We saw some men praying. We also saw the picture of Jesus Christ. We saw and learned many important things from visiting there. Conclusion: The whole place seemed to be a source of our increasing knowledge. We were able to and people our kes he’s me ur ed gather experience visiting this place. We enjoyed it most with my friends and teachers. We shared our knowledge about the visit to this historical place,

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