The VIllage is spreading Islamic education

The VIllage is spreading Islamic education in the district. It is famous in the whole district. Communication: The communication of the village with the two districts especially Jhenaidah and Chuadanga are very good. People can easily go to the district. There are a telephone and telegraph office near the village. Market: There is a large market by the side of the village. The daily market sits every day and the hat sits twice a week. They are Saturday

and Wednesday. The people of the surrounding villages come here every day in a large number and buy their necessaries. Climate: The climate of this village is moderate. It is quite congenial to the health of the people So most of the people living here are healthy. We know in Bangladesh flood, cyclone, and storm are common affair but they never come to the village by the

which is spreading Islamic education

the grace of Almighty. The natural scenery of the village: The natural scenery of our village is very beautiful. The river, vast green fields, gardens etc. have made the village more attractive. The most interesting thing of the village is that the electricity line is directly connected with Bharamara Power Station. As a result. electricity is always found. Electricity is out very rarely.

Importance: Life in the village has some charms. So life is leisurely. It is not congested. The beautiful things of nature make life in a village more interesting and enjoyable. Though in other villages it is seen there is a lack of many amenities of modern life but in our village, we get all kinds of facilities.

Besides, facilities for education,

sanitation and medical treatment are also good. In case of need, the villagers come close to one another. Economic Condition: As Badar Gonj Bazar is situated by the side of the village, people get the opportunity to run different types of business. So the economic condition of our village is sound. Conclusion: Living in my village I get all types of facilities what the town people get but there is no noise, chaos like the town. So I can say there is no place as beautiful as our village. So I love her very dearly. I feel very proud of my native village.

The village is the heart of the country. More than ninety percent of the people live in the villages. Village life our country began and developed with the beginning of British rule. The British merchant co here with commercial goods. Despite it, life in the village is free from the dim and bustle of the town How interesting: Life in the village has some charms. The village is spacious. So life is leisure and not congested. The beautiful things of nature make life in a village more interesting and enjoyable. The village people are simple, religious and conservative. They cultivate the

land an raise food for the people living in towns

. They are not mostly educated. So they are ignorant of t modern method of agriculture. Disadvantages: Village life has some disadvantages. The village lacks many amenities of mode life. All villages do not have good communication. Facilities for education, sanitation, and medic treatment are rather limited. There lives hardly any good doctors in the village. So village people have to depend upon quacks for medical treatment. In case of need, the villagers

This also gives them lessons of co-operation. For good writing, students compete with one another for writing the best article. It inspires them to become good writers. Conclusion: A college magazine is essential. It encourages the writing of original articles. It trains future poets, story writers, and journalists. The writers may gain originality of thinking and composition. Every college must make it a point to have a magazine of its own. It also contains news o

command over the language.

have to go to t town for good doctors, medicine and good education. In the rainy season village, roads become muddy. Previously they did not have the modern sources of enjoyment such as the threat television, electricity, etc but at present, they have all. There are no good arrangements for education Previously people living in the village were deprived of the minimum comfort of life. Buy nor because of reaching electricity in the remote corner of the country, the village people get facilities.

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