The life of a peasant in Bangladesh

LIFE OF A PEASANT IN BANGLADESH ways. Introduction: The life of a peasant in Bangladesh is a sad tale of poverty and misery. He passes in his day’s wants and distress all year round. He lives from hand to mouth. He often goes without food. A life devoid of modern conveniences: We live in the present civilized world of modern conveniences. But a peasant of Bangladesh is deprived of all these. Our peasants live in villages. They have been suffering from constant poverty. They are helpless victims to the

forces of nature. The rain pours down through their leaky roofs, the sun burns their skin and the mosquitoes bite them cruelly. They can not give enough food and clothes for their children. They die before their eyes want for medicine. Daily life: The daily life of a peasant in Bangladesh is one of endless struggle. For the most part of the year, he practically finds no work to do. In the morning he smokes at a chukka and says after his morning

prayers proper, wash

Then he eats watered rice with green chilly and onion and goes in search of work. He is lucky enough if he gets some work to do. Hard work for a full day cannot bring enough food for his family. So he very often starves with his wife and children. In the rainy season, he keeps himself busy in the paddy fields. He does not find time to come home to have his meals. Ignorant of the outside world: A peasant of Bangladesh is ignorant of the outside world. Following is the old method of cultivation.

It is not acquainted with the modern scientific methods of plowing lands. One meal a day is thought to be enough by him. He is rather used to these miseries. Conclusion: A peăsant is an indispensable person in the national life of Bangladesh. Attempts should be taken to improve his hard lot. The Government should help them financially.

Composition 449 78. COMPUTER Introduction:

This is the age of modern science, so to say that scientists have reached the highest peak of the invention. The machine has brought humans to such comfort as a man can never dream of. Who and how invented: Computer is one of the most important and most useful inventions of science. Charles Babez, a British professor of mathematics, wrote about a formula that would help the human brain. But the modern computer was invented by the American scientist Howard Akin. In 1937 he invented the machine that could do difficult sums. After seven years the electric computer was used in Harvard. Functions of the computer:

A computer performs the following three functions. Firstly it receives data. Secondly, it processes data by various computations and thirdly it emits data. Dr. Shomser Ali said at a conference, “Computer, an innovation in the realm of science has vibrated our domain of life.” Variety of uses: The computer now helps us in various ways. It can successfully translate poems or a section of literature. Since 1960, computers have been used in Soviet Russia translating newspapers. Now computers are used in large agricultural farms in America.

A farmer sitting in a house can complete the entire process of cultivation from plowing to the land of the thrashing coms Trains and planes are run by the computer. Examination results can be accurately given by the computer within the shortest span of time. Computer science in Bangladesh: Bangladesh is now using computers. She is trying to use computer science in solving different problems.

It is expected that this computer will solve many of its unsolved problems in Bangladesh. Conclusion: Science is meant for the service of humanity. The computer is the greatest contribution of science made so far. It is expected to render the greatest service to humanity in many ways. DEAS ANT N RA NCIA DESH

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