The driver started

We booked our tickets. We got into the bus. There was a large crowd of passengers in the bus. But we sat quite comfortably, Beginning: The contractor blew his whistlc. The driver started the bus just 11 a. m. Many passengers went standing. The weather was fair and sunny, So we have no fear and anxiety. The scenery of enjoyment: I sat beside a window and looked outside. The bus was moving forward at full speed, Many beautiful things came to my sight and filled my mind with pleasure. A cart with men and load was moving heavily and awkwardly. There were the fields of golden crops on either side of the road.

The gentle breeze was blowing against the plants. They were tossing their heads up and down as if they were dancing. This sight enchanted me most. The cow-boys were tending their cows and singing Bhatiali songs. They were very sweet indeed, The voice was so thrilling that it lingered into my cars long after it was heard no more. A large crowd gathered at every bus stand. As soon as the bus touched the stand, they got into it hurriedly.

A JOURNEY BY AIR Introduction

Science has made great achievements in all possible ways. Once if people thought to fly in the sky, people called him mad. But now men do not look at a bird with wonder. They can now fly like birds in the air. Occasion: During the last Ramjan vacation, I along with my younger brother, made a journey by Bangladesh Biman from Dhaka to London. I booked two seats on the scheduled plane. Seeing off at the airport: On the appointed day some of my friends and relatives accompanied me to the airport to see me off. When the ticket was checked, I said goodbye to them and went to the

waiting lounge. After a short time the departure time came. I had my seat by a window. The seats were arranged in rows of six. A passage ran through them. Description: After a few minutes, the plane took off the runway. It was so exciting to me. After taxing the plane moved forward and rose up into the air. As the weather was a little bit rough, it made a sound. I got frightened. After a while it became calm. Then I overcame fear. I looked outside. What I saw was a great surprise to me.

The trees, houses and earthly things looked very small like toys.

Passing in the plane: After a few minutes in the air, I felt quite at ease. An air hostess came with tiffing. I had my tiffing, untied my belt and sat comfortably. I passed my time in the air eating, sleeping, reading and looking outside. During the flight, the captain spoke loudly to the passengers about the speed and the height. I was delighted to see the scenery of different places from the plane. Arrival at the destination:

After a long and delightful journey, the plane landed at London Airport. I got out of the plane and exchanged words of love with the friends who were waiting for me. Conclusion: A journey is always pleasant to me. The journey by air is more interesting. Our journey was quite delightful and comfortable. We shall never forget the journey I made.

Winter is the coldest season of all the seasons.

It begins generally in the middle of November and lasts till the middle of February. Description: The Bengali month of Paush’ and ‘Magh’ are called the winter season. In winter nights are longer and the days are shorter. The winter season is very cold but not as cold as in America and Europe. A season of mists: Winter is the season of mists. They begin to fall at night and last until the sun rises in the morning. They often hang like a thick veil and hide the face of the earth. The mists also gather in drops upon the leaves of trees of the blades of grass. A season of festivities:

Winter is not altogether a curse. It is a suitable season for various activities. Farmers can work hard. Students come back home before sundown and attend to their studies. Social festivals are also held in this season. It is also time for school and college sports. Winter fruits and vegetables: In winter juice from the date tree is collected. It is very pleasant to take a glass of date, juice in the morning. Molasses, candies, and sugar are also made of it. So housewives make

many kinds of cakes in this season. In winter vegetables and fruits like cabbages, cauliflowers, peas, and oranges grow in plenty. Fish is also available in abundance this season. Its advantages: The winter is a season of plenty. There is plenty of fruits, vegetables, date-juice, “Khai, ‘muri, with ‘catalog’ and different kinds of cakes and delicious food. Season of games and sports: The winter is the time for playing football and cricket. Players do not feel tired as the days are cool.

They suffer from cough and cold. Nature in winter

In winter nature looks dead and gloomy. Trees and plants are bare of leaves. Most of the birds migrate. Everybody hurries back home in the evening and go to bed early. Conclusion: In winter the climate is moderate. People keep good health. There is comfort in eating, drinking and sleeping. Winter is not liked by anybody especially by the poor people. poor suffer in winter at night and in the morning. They shiver in cold. The old

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