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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Who is this new Bolt

It's not possible to take the place of Usain Bolt. But many 20-year-old Jamaican sprinter Akim Bloomfield has seen the shadow of new Bolt.
Akim Bloomfield plays like Usain Bolt in the Diamond League in London.

'Usain Bolt took the place? This is not possible. Because no one can take the place of Mohammad Ali. '
After retiring Spartan legend Bolt last year, the Athletics Federation president Sebastian Ko said after retirement. That's what millions of athletics said about the mind. However, there is no evil in sprints 'Usain Bolt'. If someone is new to the legend of the legend, the athletic enthusiasts can only benefit from it.

No one will be able to Bolt anymore, it will be time to tell. But in the London Diamond League, the next Akim Bloomfield can be seen by some to be a little optimistic. He took 19.81 seconds to finish the 200m sprints. Bolt's world record (19.19 sec) is far beyond But at 20 years of age, for the first time in 20 seconds, 200 meters running less!

Jamaican Bloomfield like Bolt In all, he is very much compared to Bolt. But Bloomfield said, "I'm very happy with my timing. But I do not think that Usain Bolt could be overwhelmed. "Bolt is unbelievably close to Bloomfield," It should not be compared to a man of blood and flesh like me. If I get half of his achievements, that would be a great achievement for me.
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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The 'starrer hat' now in Real

One of the most impressive teams in world football was 'Galacticos'. No one can be seen in the football field except for Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos from the Galacticos to build Real Madrid. Many of them are ruling in the dog-out region. Today's writing about them.
At the beginning of this century, he stood as president of Real Madrid. The big thing before being elected, we will bring Louis Fego to victory.
Zidane has presented five Champions League rivals Real Madrid as players and coaches

The best of all the players will be Real Madrid. When he was elected, Florentino Eduardo Perez Rodriguez became the president of Real Madrid. The new team of stars in which each year comes. Zidan, Ronaldo, Beckham, Wayne after Figo. The name of this new group is 'Galacticos'. That galactico is no longer. Many of them stand dag-out Zidane is standing in the touchlines of Real Madrid, Europe! Who wrote the way through the way of Vicente del Bosque, who wrote this today:
Claude Makelele with Carlo Ancelotti

Zinedine Zidane:
Let's start by knowing the identity. Zinedine Zidane was the best signatory of president Florentino Perez. He brought him the ninth champions league to win the volley. From there, Zidane started from the place where Real Madrid's jersey was taken, from where it started Zidan. In 2006, retired from Real Madrid returned to Zidan Doug-out with Carlo Ancelotti. From there to Kostyacht coach, finally Real Madrid coach of the main team. Twenty-two seasons, 3 Champions League, 2 Club World Cup, 8 titles with 1 league. Zidane ended his coaching career in Real Madrid as the winner.
Real Madrid's current coach Solaris 

Fernando Hierro with Carlo Ancelotti Photo: Twitter
Fernando Hierro:
Fernando Hierro was the captain of the galacticos made by Real Madrid. Until 2002, Hierro left Real Madrid with Vieste del Bosque. As the assistant coach of Real Madrid, the first season of Carlo Ancelotti has been sitting in a duck-out in the 2014-15 season. But he did not win any title in the season, and with the help of Ancelotti, Heera's fate was burnt. 2016-17 Segunda Division A team is appointed as coach of Real Oviedo. Hayer left the team in the top 8 of the season, leaving Coaching. Heera, then the coach of Spain for the World Cup, was appointed. Of course, there was not enough facility.

Real Madrid's current coach, Solly. Photo: AFP
Santiago Solari:
His name will now be among the coaches. Solaris debuted with Real Madrid's Dog-Out However, this Argentine coaching career has started since 2013. Solarii Real Madrid is the coach of the youth team since that time. Real Madrid has relied on him after the last lottery was dismissed.

Raul-Guti coach is now the coach of two friends of the game. Photo: Twitter
Raul-Guti coach is now the coach of two friends of the game. Photo: Twitter
Raul Gonzalez:
Galacticos is one of those whose names go unilaterally, one of them is Raul. After being La Liga's brand ambassador in New York, he returned to his club as a coach. Now Raul is the coach of Real Madrid cadet B.

His name was in front of the fight against Real Madrid. Real Madrid's Under-19 team has given the taste of 'Treble' for the first time, which could not have been any Real Madrid coach (age group). After Zidane's departure, Guti had said that he wanted to be the coach of this team. But fate did not give up. Now there is basically Senol Gomez's assistant.

Claude Mackell with Carlo Ancelotti Photo: Twitter
Claude Michelle:
Claude MacLeille is called the biggest mistake in the history of Galacticos. After his departure in Real Madrid Galacticos did not see any titles. He has also given the name as a coach. As an assistant to Carlo Ancelotti, he was in PSG for two years. After being in Bastia as a coach, he had to be dismissed for one season. Currently, he is a coach of the Belgian club of the year Pippen.
The success of the Ethereal Crown Coach is a little more than the others. Photo: Twitter
The success of the Ethereal Crown Coach is a little more than the others

Ore Crompton:
The name of the Aire Coraña can be known to strangers for Real Madrid fans. From 1997 to 2002, the Real Madrid team played in the Caribbean The first player to name this player as the coach of the Basque region at the age of 35. Spain joins as the 16-coach coach During the time of Jose Mourinho in Real Madrid, the assistant coach was in full time. There was a four-season Mid-South coaching coach from there. He has passed the second division from the second division. Currently, the second division team is the coach of Nottingham Forest.

Not everyone is going to be the coach, but Ronaldo Nazario de Lima and David Beckham are the other big stars of Galacticos. Ronaldo bought the club, the owner of a part of Real Viadiaad is the Brazilian On the other hand, David Beckham is thinking of opening a new club. Beckham opens a new club in Major League Soccer named Inter Miami The club is not manageable, it is always easy to be the head of the club.

Many of these childhood stars have left football before long. Many of them are very special to look after their new faces. Similarly, Real Madrid's Galacticus-Florentino Perez, who has been struggling with the team, came back to Perez as Coach.
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Want to sleep with fish in the sea

Want to sleep with fish in the sea? Maybe laughing at the hearing Say, the ganzakuchi story of any popular movie. In reality, the hotel is in reality. Where? In the Maldives's Rangali Island. They built a residential hotel in the sea. Conrad Maldives, a hotel and resort company run by Hilton Worldwide, a multinational business organization, has built a luxurious double-story residential hotel on Rangeale Island. The hotel has been commissioned.
The water below this water with two private 
islands are connected to the walkway.

It is said that the stay in Kachghara Residential Hotel underwater is the first of all in the world. Photo: Conrad Hotel

It is said that this is the first time in the world to stay at a hotel in a residential hotel. This is one of the most modern luxury hotels in the world with its undersea hotel. While the upper level of the second floor is above the water, the bottom floor is all under water. There is a toilet with a 16-feet-wide room in the room. Those who stay at the hotel will feel like they are roaming with fish, returning and sleeping. The Kachghara house can see fish and aquatic animals in the Indian Ocean while sleeping.
The scenes from the bath to the sun will be seen

There is no room for sleeping, but there are toilets. Photo: Conrad Hotel
The cost of building a hotel named 'Muraka' is more than $ 15 million. In the Maldives, the word Murak means "coral". The octopus will also be seen when the coral, fish and saturated fate on the ground floor. While the hotel's upper floor is open for visitors, the bottom floor is for guests only. There are nine people living in Sagarell's residential hotel.
The first downtown water to be built in the Muraka
 Hotel below 13 years of water is the first restaurant
 travel arrangement

The scenes from the bath to the sun will be seen. Photo: Conrad Hotel
The island's hotel is located 500 meters below the Indian Ocean. Bedroom below 16 feet of water. Not only the bedroom, but some other rooms below the water are being created for the visitors. The hotel of the sea is called an innovative project. The Conrad Maldives spokesman says, "We encourage our guest to stay in Murakawa to show the sea experience. Because it will introduce you to an extraordinary seaport of Maldives. 'Sharks lying on the bed of Kachghara cell can be seen. Photo: Conrad Hotel What is inthe hotel room with a shower is in the lower room of this hotel. Gymnasium, bar, and pool will be on the top floor. Those who stay at this hotel can enjoy the incredible Indian Ocean.
The first downtown water to be built in the Muraka 
Hotel below 13 years of water is the 
first restaurant travel arrangement.
The water below this water with two private islands is connected to the walkway. Photo: Conrad Hotel
When you hear about hotel renting, you will be surprised. For every night the pocket will drop to 50 thousand dollars. According to the current market price, if the value of the dollar is 83 taka, the amount will go up to 41 lakh 50 thousand takas. There are many opportunities available with it.

The upper part of Murakah can be seen by ordinary visitors.
The upper part of Murakah can be seen by ordinary visitors. Photo: Conrad Hotel
But Murakami is not the first place underwater, there are five-star restaurants under the water in its eighth floor. These five-star restaurants can be eaten at the hotel below the water. But not directly with the bottom of the water. Using the hotel jetty, you will have to go to the next five-star restaurant.
Sharks can be seen lying on the bed of the couch
The first downtown water to be built in the Muraka Hotel below 13 years of water is the first restaurant travel arrangement. Photo: Conrad Hotel

When making this Muraka Hotel, special attention has been given to the environment. The target is not to harm the environment. Everything in the hotel has been made in Singapore. Special ships have been brought to the Maldives.
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The decision that made Solaris Real

Santiago Solari could not confirm the position as Real Madrid's coach. In addition to his name, the interim coach word is still wearing two colors. Solaris can be sent back to Kastia at any time due to bad results. But the Argentine coach, who has won two matches against the broken Real Madrid, Luck? No, Solari's decision has not given him the fate of Lopezgie.

Solaris and his team had come to Africa in the first match of the Real Madrid Coach. He played a new test in the match on the team. In that match, Solarii made the first eleven with three players from Kastia. Again, in the absence of the caravan, he did not take the dancing to Odriosola, the original defense was Kavatiya Heavy Sanchez. Vinicius and Cristo Perez also got the chance to attack.
Solarii is getting the result of having confidence in Vinicius

With the arrival of Solaris, the arrival of injuries to the team started. In Bihar, Varan, Marcelo, Carvajal, there was a rough zero defense. Solari has put his confidence in the players of his own academy, who can work for the needs of the team even when they are young. The lack of this effort was clear in the center of Lopezgie.

Carvalho was out of the field due to injuries to El Clásico under coach Lopez. But Lopezgie relied on the experienced nacho of his team. The center back dancer was played without playing the fullback like Audiocollo in the team. Do not dance properly on the right side. After getting hurt in India in the first half, Lucas Vásquez came down in the dancing scene, not Odio Wasola! Lopezgie has lost the job.

Lopezgie's decision did not allow him to see the success of Real Madrid. First, do not trust Vinicius Junior. The 18-year-old star has risen from Real Madrid to Real Madrid, rather than 45 million euros in Brazil's Flamengo. Lopeztegie did not put any hope on him. Instead, Real Madrid sent the team to Kastia without taking them into the main squad. Vinicius has shown his talent in Castile, despite not having all the matches, the team's top goalscorer Vinnie Solarii, who had seen Vinicius from nearby, did not agree to make Loptegy's mistake. Vinicius has put his confidence in the first match. In the last 10-20 minutes, the party has become a life-span. And we are giving up on that hope, Vinni.

Some of the decisions that have been made are to separate Solaris from Lopez. It's a matter of looking at how good this Real Madrid can do, and whether it can be the main coach from the interim.
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Monday, 5 November 2018

Paris was changed to win Federer in Paris

Karen Khachannov has taken over the title of the year's Masters last year. The current Russian number two Novak Djokovic has beaten his first title, 7-5, 6-4 in a straight set. However, the Paris Masters final was debated in a series interview with former Paris Masters President Jean-Franci Caho. To win Roger Federer, the bounce of the Paris court was reduced, it was arranged to speed up.

Kaho himself was also a tennis player. In 2007 he became the President of Paris Masters. After getting the job, his goal was to take the initiative of bringing his favorite player Roger Federer to his own tournament. Because he did not come to play in Paris for the past three years. After playing the first Paris Masters in 2000, he plays for 4 years. But Federer was absent for three years from 2004 to 2006.
Federer with Jean Fraussie Kaho in the 2011 Paris Masters title.

"I contacted Roger Federer's team, why did not he come to play? They said that he (Federer) did not like this Surface. The condition of the carpet is not in his play. They asked me to make Surfaces like Vienna. I made everything exactly like Surface Miami or Indian Wells. And Federer started playing regularly since next year.

'We changed the Surface as usual. In 2010 our Surface became the world's fastest surface. Federer has more choices than this Surface Nadal. Next year, we made hard work hard for big servers. Before finishing my job, I wanted to give Federer a title. And finally, Federer was able to win the title.

There are three types of courts in tennis. Clay (clay), grass (grass) and hard three types of courts are completely different. When the ball comes to the ground court, you get the advantage of using muscle power (Nadal, Borg). On the other hand, grass clutter benefits get the advantage of the classic tennis players (Federer, Sampras). And Big Servers at Hard Court (Djokovic, Connors). However, hard court is a mixed type because all types of players can dominate. Depending on the Surface. If the Surface Slow becomes a problem for classic tennis and big servers, then the game will be a problem for Federer. That's why only a Grand Slam Federer-Jokovichi on the clay court.

Needless to say, in the 2011 Paris Masters, Joe Wilfred Tsonga won the title in straight sets, winning the title of Paradise only in Paris. Now it is seen that the officials of Paris did not have to reduce!
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Potty house to kill spider

Some spiders wanted to kill I thought the spiders would burn them in the fire. But after doing it, there was a larger more. The fire was in the light of the room. From there the whole house spread! After killing the spider, it was a huge loss.
Potty house to kill a spider

ABC News reported that this incident happened on Tuesday night in the US Fresno area of California. A 23-year-old young man was home at the time of his parents' absence. The young spider named Black Widow found the house and hit them to kill them. But the fire goes home. The young man who calls himself firefighters after seeing the situation.

Captain Robert Castillo, Fresno Fire Department official said that the fire was spread all over the house. He said, 'It is not the right way to kill a spider in a house. You can not spider in or out of the house. '

The Los Angeles Times reported that 26 firefighters were required to fire the house. The second floor of the house was badly damaged in the fire. In this incident, a loss of 10 thousand dollars is lost.

The country will have sex determination of birds
Now many people in the city and villages love poultry birds. But the gender of these birds cannot be determined by the same nature in nature. Therefore, the bird traders had to send birds samples to determine sex in India or Thailand. It took a lot of time, it cost more. However, nowadays, the sex determination of birds in the country can be made in two days.

A group of researchers from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (Sivasu) have achieved the ability to determine the gender of sexes in six months. Under the scheme titled 'Fancy DNA Sexing in Adoption of Fancy Birds' under the funding of the University Grants Commission, they did the research. The ability to determine the gender of sexes is the first in Bangladesh.

Now, there will be no need to look at foreign countries to determine the sex of birds. Fancy birds macaque Recently, at Chittagong Veterinary Animal Sciences University bird fair.

This year, from the beginning of April this year, the team of Savasana started to research. Under the supervision of Assistant Professor of pathology and parasitology, under the supervision of Subhagat Das, Department teacher MA Alim, Tofazzal Md. Rakib and MS researcher Tridip Das and Md. Saddam Hussein was involved in research activities.

In order to determine bird sex, send samples to India or Thailand. Time and cost-both take longer
Researchers collected DNA samples from the blood and chest feathers of these four species of fancy birds - Gala, Larricate, San Kunur, and Kakatuya. Later, they gained the ability to determine the sex of birds through the use of modern molecular techniques.

Determine gender in two days

Prior to sending a samples of bird feathers in India or Thailand, traders sent them to the courier. It took at least two weeks to get results. The cost is at least 1 thousand 200 taka. But now it can be known only in two days. It costs 600 rupees. Interested bird's blood and chest samples and all forms of birds in a form must be sent to the university. Setting sex in laboratory Will be given a certificate of sex determination

The latest technology is risk-free for the birds, researcher's head Shubhagat Das said. He said in the first light, Initially, we are taking 600 rupees for the cost of chemicals. Slowly time and expenditure will be further reduced.

Siddhartha Gautam Buddha Das first light said that the ability to innovate DNA sexing technology in the country is the first.

Jia Uddin, general secretary of Chittagong Bird Breeder Association said, in the case of most fancy birds, it is not known from one and a half to two years ago, which one is sex. So there were many sufferings to sell fancy birds. In order to determine gender, bird samples were sent to India or Thailand. It takes cost and time. Now it will not be.
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