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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Deepika, how much to spend on the occasion

Bollywood princess and princess wedding! So in all royal arrangements. Dipbir is going to celebrate the occasion with great splendor. Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone were married on Wednesday (November 14th) at Lake Vile the Balubianail in Italy's Lake Kemo, according to Kanaki's custom. The next day, Bollywood's popular celebrity couple has married in Sindhi style on Thursday. Prior to that, the ceremony was performed by Dipbir's Mehdi, during the night, the interplay.
Deepika Padukone was brought to the wedding in this way
Add Deepika Padukone was brought to the wedding in this way caption

Deepika Padukone is in Bangalore now with the new groom Ranbir Singh. On Wednesday evening, there was a reception ceremony organized by Deepika's family at The Leela Palace on Wednesday evening.

Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone, who returned to Milan from Italy on Sunday, after returning to Mumbai on Sunday. He went to his father's house in Bangalore on Tuesday without going one day. The Bangladeshi star couple greeted the couple with a very high level.

Meanwhile, information about Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone's today's reception program has been known. Deepika's family has booked The Lila Palace's biggest ballroom for a party. And they have to give their fat assortment. This hotel has been kept for 18 venues for small and large parties. The size of the Grand Ballroom is 4,400 square feet. It is possible to organize 800 guests effortlessly. Dinner in this ballroom will cost three thousand rupees for everyone. If 500 guests come to this night, then only Rs 15 lakh will be spent on the ballroom. The meal menu allows guests to change their preferences. That means invited guests can choose their own food.
The grand ballroom is booked from 7am to 11pm. Here guests can eat breakfast in the morning, noon and dinner. For everybody, the cost will be 7,200 rupees. It is learned that Deepaware spent about Rs. 30 crores on their marriage. Apart from this, this new Bollywood couple bought a bungalow with Rs 50 crore in Juhu in Mumbai. Then, spending Rs 100 crore on marriage, reception, honeymoon and new home.

After Bangalore, on November 28, another grand reception will be held in The Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. Deepawali will invite Bollywood friends and colleagues here. Then Deepawari will fly for the honeymoon.
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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Largest Airports in the World

The world's largest and busiest airport was inaugurated in Turkey. In the name of Istanbul's populous city Istanbul, the airport will be named 'Istanbul Airport'. On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan inaugurated this airport. The country's 95th Independence Day Within a few months, instead of Ataturk, Istanbul's main airport, passengers can go to various destinations around the world.
Now the world's largest airport at 7,600 hectares of this airport

Two runways and a terminal have been started. With this facility, 9 million passengers can be able to travel a year. It also has a major air traffic control tower, a cargo house. Two runway launches are 4 km to one kilometer and the other is 3 decimal 75 kilometers. At present, there are 347 airports in the airport. The work of this airport will be completed by 

2023. More than 6 runways will be added to this airport. 500 planes will then be able to stay at the airport and 20 million passengers per year can use this airport. At the same time, it will also become the largest tax-free shopping complex in the world, which will be 53 thousand square meters. Turkey's Istanbul city is used as a transit airport. The number of passengers at this airport is increasing day by day. The first step to build this huge new airport in Istanbul is more than $ 510 million. The 7,300 hectare-wide airport is now the world's largest airport.

Commercial flights will be closed at Kamal Ataturk airport after the airport is fully operational.

The Istanbul airport is called Green or Green Airport from Turkey. The airport has been provided with rainwater. While making the airport, the environment has to be damaged. Because many trees have been cut off.

This airport has won the design award. The Istanbul International Airport won the award in the 'Future Projects Infrastructure' category at the World Architectural Festival held in Berlin in 2016. The first flight flew to Ankara last Monday, from the airport. The first flight to the international route goes from Istanbul to Cyprus. This year, the airports in Azerbaijan and Cyprus will continue. The airport will be fully operational in January. Then the new airport will be able to fly to 350 destinations from the airport.
The airport won the design award. In 2016, the Istanbul International Airport won the award in 'Future Project Infrastructure' category at the World Architectural Festival.

Making such a huge airport in Istanbul is a matter of great pride for Turkey. There are also several debates surrounding the airport. Because the workers are facing various problems while working here. Allegations of poor quality food, as well as many other tortures, have also been tolerated by the workers. 27 workers were also killed to make this airport. Although the Turkish government blew the charge. References: Economic Times and CNN.
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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Chinese fancy hotel

China has made a 17-story hotel! The hotel was inaugurated on Thursday. The architect says the hotel is 'an exception at once'. but why?

Indian media quoted AFP news agency NDTV said the hotel was not built anywhere. This is a well-abandoned waterfowl. The well was abandoned for a long time.

It is said in the report that the height of this hotel is 290 feet. There are 336 rooms in it. In addition, it has a theme park. The construction of the hotel is about 29 million dollars Its construction started in 2013. The bells from Shanghai can be reached on this route by road. It would be worth 490 dollars more than 40 thousand rupees per night.

Munshiana showed the architects concerned to build the hotel. The hotel has one side pillar wall on Khadar. And the other side is open to the waterfall. There is also a floor under the water. But the depth of the pitches from this floor cannot be seen directly. Because windows are covered with a huge fish tank.

The hotel was responsible for the construction of this hotel, Shimao Properties, one of the largest real estate companies in China. Chief engineer Chen Xiaoziang told AFP, "This is a project that was completely new to us. We did not do such work before. As a result, we had no experience in dealing with the barriers to construction. I could not learn anything from anyone. '
This hotel has been built in Shanghai's deep canton of Shanghai. Architects say- the complete exception of such construction.
Chen said, when they started the building in 2013, they had to face major obstacles. Due to the heavy downpour, the adjacent river water entered the docks. Half of it is made of alloy tea tambu. Chen said, if anything happens at the end of the construction then it would be a terrible thing. In order to prevent such incidents in the future, the dam has been built around the docks. The irrigation system has also been built to prevent the increase of water.

It is said in this report that for the travelers, there is a romance arrangement in this hotel. They will get the opportunity to climb the stone mountain here. As well as the attractions of the waterfall for all tourists.

British architect Martin Jasmine was involved in the construction of this hotel. He said, "This project started a decade ago. From the beginning, I was associated with it. The idea of building it was completely new. I never lost faith. It was believed that one day's good end will happen. Now I am excited and amazed. '
But exceptions for China are not new events. Often they make the world look like this. This year, a magnificent building constructed by South China has been built. On one side is the 108-meter waterfall flowing on one side.

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Monday, 12 November 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo Life story

Born on 5 February 1985. Although Neymar was born on the same day, his only rival to win football, Lionel Messi Ronaldo, who was born in the Madeira Islands in Portugal, is leading the team for the third time in the World Cup. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner of the record is the world's favorite among many

Cristiano Ronaldo 
Three-time Premier League winner Ronaldo has won twice to La Liga Four-time champions league champions Ronaldo has won four World Cups. Forward to an FA Cup, two League Cups and doubles Copa del Rey, the forward, however, said that he won the 2016 Euro for Portugal as his success. Ronaldo has been named as the best football player of Portugal's history in 2015, the country's football federation has announced.

Ronaldo Became The Most Successful Player Of His Father After Being The Footballer. Local Club Andorinhaar Kit Man Outside The Municipality's Mali's Job To Provide The Family's Expenses Was Also Ronaldo's Father Jose. Ronaldo Joined The Andorinha When He Was Only 7 Years Old At The Age Of 12, A Three-Day Trial Of Sporting CPI Changed The Story Of Ronaldo's Life. Cristiano Joins The Youth Academy, Lisbon, Leaving Medeira. At The Age Of 14, He Was Resigning From The Academy After Talking To His Mother Due To His Unsatisfactory Career.

In The Following Year, He Had Been Out Of Football Due To Physical Problems. Ronaldo Struggled With Heart Problems, Football Carrier He Did Not Look Back On Ronaldo After Surgery, And He Did Not Look Back. Ronaldo Scored Two Goals In Professional Career Debut After Manchester United And Real Madrid After Sporting CPP. And Many Such Records Have Been Created On This Journey.

In The Following Year, He Had Been Out Of Football Due To Physical Problems. Ronaldo Struggled With Heart Problems, Football Carrier He Did Not Look Back On Ronaldo After Surgery, And He Did Not Look Back. Ronaldo Scored Two Goals In Professional Career Debut After Manchester United And Real Madrid After Sporting CPP. And Many Such Records Have Been Created On This Journey.

In The Following Year, He Had Been Out Of Football Due To Physical Problems. Ronaldo Struggled With Heart Problems, Football Carrier He Did Not Look Back On Ronaldo After Surgery, And He Did Not Look Back. Ronaldo Scored Two Goals In Professional Career Debut After Manchester United And Real Madrid After Sporting CPP. And Many Such Records Have Been Created On This Journey.

In The Following Year, He Had Been Out Of Football Due To Physical Problems. Ronaldo Struggled With Heart Problems, Football Carrier He Did Not Look Back On Ronaldo After Surgery, And He Did Not Look Back. Ronaldo Scored Two Goals In Professional Career Debut After Manchester United And Real Madrid After Sporting CPP. And Many Such Records Have Been Created On This Journey.

Now Ronaldo is the top

the scorer in Real Madrid history. He played 33 matches in La Liga, only nine seasons. It is now Ronaldo's record of fastest one-hundredth, two hundred and three hundred goals in La Liga. As a player, he scored at least 50 goals in six seasons. Ronaldo scored only 50 goals in seven consecutive innings. Along with Messi, FIFA has got eleven places in the team for the year, but Ronaldo is the only player to have named FIFA in two categories.

Ronaldo's dominance in European football is more horrific. Ronaldo has been included in the UEFA Player of the Year 12 times a year. The closest rival Messi has done only 9 times.

Ronaldo's achievements in the Champions League He scored 100 goals in the Champions League as he became the first player to win four Champions League champions and scored 100 goals in the competition. Ronaldo, the first footballer to score 100 goals for a particular club. He also got the unique achievement of all-around matches in the group.
Ronaldo, the father of four children in his personal life Seven-year-old Ronaldo Junior got a sister and a brother in June 2017 as a partner. And at the end of the year, the second daughter of Ronaldo was born in the womb of girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

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Friday, 9 November 2018

Monalisa The bread made

Who does not know the famous artist Mona Lisa of Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci This Monalisa is called the most familiar, discussed and most studied works in the history of the world. Even in the world of art, the painting that surrounds the painting is also the most annoying, this Monalisa painted at Renaissance. The painting of the fifteenth century was later made by hundreds of other artists. Nobody has sculpted, someone has sculpted, someone has made the mural, some cartoons have also made this moralizer.

But Mona Lisa is presenting a whole new look. A new Mona Lisa artwork has been fabricated with bread. Artisan of 30 artisans in a cooking school named Nakamura Kalarini School in Japan. They have spent two months preparing a variety of molecules (Mosaic) with bread. And they took two thousand 200 pieces of bread. The specialty of this art is that it is not only artistic but it can be consumed by anyone. That is, it is also food, as well as artwork.
The the annual festival of Nakamura School will be celebrated on Saturday and Sunday. It was decided to showcase this art at the festival. The square pieces of pieces used to make this image of 2.4 meters(7.8 feet) long and one and a half meters wide. Before using it, some black and white colors have been torn off.
By drawing this, the leader of the group, Akira Nagata (19), said, 'We wanted to make the Monalisa. But keep in mind that it is possible to keep the bread of bread as it should be. As we have tried to make a few shades of brown color, we have toast some of the bread, sometimes more to make it. '
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Neymar-Messi can not play the Super League and play the World Cup

FIFA chief Ziannie Infantino, former UEFA chief Michel Platini, Manchester City and PSG owners are also banned due to a new report released by Football Leaks. It is heard that with the infinite support of Infantinos in closing the Champions League, some of the big 'Moral' clubs in Europe will start separating themselves with the 'Super League' starting from 2021
Infantino has denied accusations about himself

Do you remember ISL? Many cricketers had hurt international career due to the turbulence of the Twenty20 tournament in India announced by the rebels against the ICC. Later, the ICC banned players from the tournament. Some of them, including Habibul Bashar of Bangladesh, Mohammad Rafiq, Aftab Ahmed, Taposh Vyasya, and Shahriar Nafis are also some players.

FIFA is going to walk the same way. A few days ago, football leaks leaked to their new report: 11 clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Juventus, and Bayern would like to organize a competition in the course named 'UEFA Super League'. They do not want to play again in the Old Champions League. FIFA chief Ziannie Infantino has been covertly cooperating in this regard. However, the Infantino has denied the allegations completely and said that the players who will play in the 'Super League', they can not play in the World Cup.

'The Super League, not the FIFA competition. Players can not play in two places at the same time. If the UEFA Super League is established, then those who play there will not be able to participate in the national and international tournament organized by FIFA, including the World Cup, Euro, 'Infantino has kept such a warning', although football leaks report is one of the implementations of this super league. Infantine!

That plan was being heard from 2016, but this is the first time that this issue is leaked. It is heard that Real Madrid and Spain's top 11 club-Spanish league's Real Madrid and Barcelona, English Premier League's Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester City, German League Bayern Munich, Italian League Juventus and AC Milan, French League's Paris Saint-Germain. The remaining five members of the proposed 16-member UEFA Super League will be invited to the five clubs-German's Borussia Dortmund, Italy's Inter Milan and AS Roma, Olympic Champion of France, Atletico Madrid of Spain If this league starts anyway, then the UEFA Champions League will no longer exist!

It is estimated that wealthy and big clubs are planning to absorb more middle and smaller clubs, to be more wealthy. This master plan is from America's Charlie Stilette's head. This striation organized a friendly match between European clubs with major clubs in the United States. Real Madrid's president Florentino Perez has stepped up to implement the plan ahead of the plan. Bayern Munich chairman Karl Heinz Rumeniging, along with European football's Raghbobawela. Although Romney has denied his role in the matter of football leaks, Perez's statement is not yet known. And Infantino is overseeing the entire plan. It is like a ghost in the rain!

The Football Leiks report further revealed that the original 11 clubs formed a company and planned to register with the Spanish stock market. The company which owns the different parts of the 11 clubs. The biggest share of this company will be Real Madrid (18.77%), the second-highest share of Barcelona (17.61%), the third and fourth highest shares will be owned by Manchester United (12.58%) and Bayern Munich (8). .29%) near

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