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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Celebrating birthday jumper from the American actor Will Smith Helicopter

American actor Will Smith celebrates his 50th birthday by jumping into a helicopter from a helicopter. On Tuesday, he jumped from Helicopter in the Grand Canyon (roughly 6,000 feet deep) in Arizona State. That scene was shown directly on his YouTube channel.
Will Smith after floating in a helicopter after being jumped

Known as 'Bungee Jump', a risky, elastic, thick rope tied around the waist and needed a safety. Many tourists take part in this jump to get an adventurous experience.

Fox News has reported that Will Smith has supported the Bengali Jam, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, daughter Willow Smith, and son Juden Smith. While preparing to jump Will Smith, all of them were beside him.

In a live video, Will Smith said that he came to the Grand Canyon in 1976 with the family in his childhood. He was scared by the depths of this canyon.

Experts at the Bangi jump said Smith was jumping from 550 feet high and hanging him in 200 feet.

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90 km without a train driver

In Australia, a freight train carrying 90 kilometer passes without the driver After that the train was knocked out of the railway. However, no casualties were reported in this incident on Monday. Some of the wagon trains in the accident were reversed. The speed of the train was 110 kilometer per hour when it was leaking out of the railway line.

90 km without a train driver

According to AFP, a report by the NDTV said that the 268 Wagon operators of Australia used to come out of the cab to conduct a mechanical examination of the train. As the driver was busy with the mechanical test, the train suddenly started to run slowly. The freight train crosses 90 kilometers without the driver.

 Later, one of the country's largest mining companies, BHP, decided to derail the train before reaching the harbor of Pilbara in West Australia. BHP to speed up the movement to stop the train near the port. Later, the train collapsed after landing in the headland.

Teacher man-made craftsman As technology develops, the importance of a good teacher is always there. Especially in poor countries, the importance of teachers is very much in the effective education system. But at the same time, if the student gets the smartphone-tab-laptop in the hands of the education system will improve? Experts say that, before the students are given a digital device in the hands of the students, it is necessary to look after the teachers.

The latest report by the Economist says that inefficient technology can make proficient teachers in poor countries. Technology can also help to prevent the absence of teachers in the class outside. If you can combine technologies in the education sector, then profit margins will be much heavier.

According to the Economist report, in 1913, Thomas Edison said that books would be lost soon. It will take place silent pictures. Whenever there is a new wave of information technology like radio, television, computer, such predictions have been given. But the old books, classrooms, and teachers survived wonderfully every time. As the teacher, the digital education system has been adopted in a variety of ways. If the digital education system can be applied properly with conventional education, it can become even more important in the schools of the poor countries. Because there is not enough knowledge about the subject of many teachers in these places or many do not appear properly in the class.

In the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, by 2015, all children of the world will get elementary education. A large part of this goal has been met. Now nine out of every 10 children are admitted to the school. But what is one thing to get admitted to school and get education right from there? A recent World Bank study found that half of the nine-year-old children in African countries could not read a simple word. One-third of the children cannot read a simple sentence. What is the reason? This is because lack of proper education is the lack of proper education. The study found that there is little knowledge about the teacher's ability to read and write around 7 percent.

The question is, whether the teacher raises the wages or more money, the problem will be solved? No The teacher's salary in many poor countries is more than the income of the local people. There is no relation to teaching them less or less with proper education. In 2005, there was no effect after the increase in the salary of teachers in Indonesia. Apart from this, there is also a subject of teachers' absence. If the teachers do not take the salary, the government will drop them It's hard to say but it's hard to believe. It is not possible to monitor the government for a long time, whether the teacher is present in the class. Apart from this, there is a strong emphasis on teachers' alliances or poles. So many teachers' jobs are safe without the classes.

Here is the real genius of the use of digital technology in the education sector. Therefore, the use of technology in the field of education has improved the poorest countries compared to the developed countries. Some studies have shown that technology can play a big role in small-scale classrooms, nutrition supplies, facilities for teachers and students. If there is a lot of investment in the field of education, then investing more money on the teachers is a great advantage. Of course, this does not mean that after getting admitted into a school or computer, the benefits will come. Rather it can be reversed in the opposite direction. If the computer is to be taught in the school, students will learn to run it. Instead, providing more useful benefits to student-friendly software. If a student learns to run that software with a little help from a teacher or assistant and can do any work properly, then it will be learned correctly. It increases the student's ability. Apart from this, the teacher will teach and what will happen in the classroom. Apart from this, the presence of teachers in the class can also be examined.

Many can ask questions, where can the educational infrastructure of schools in remote and poor areas be found? But it is important to understand that fast-power facilities are increasing in many countries like poor African countries. Along with electricity, solar power has also reached many areas. So there should not be any internet in all schools. Wherever there is the internet, the device is taken once by downloading or uploading the content. In this case the cost but not too much.

There is a scheme or program in Kenya. The name of the scheme is 'Tussam'. In Kiswahili, which means 'Let's read' The successful and the scheme costs four US dollars per year in children. The scheme was started at the government schools there. Seeing the success of this program, the realization of the government's will and commitment to education is real.
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Ronaldo scored a great goal but his team did not win the Juventus

Cristiano Ronaldo could not win the current club Juventus on his own ground after ga scored his last club against Manchester United last night. Juventus' experience in the Champions League qualifies for a long time. At the last minute, at the last minute, Leonardo Bonucci had lost the match by having a self-destructive goal, Juventus had to lose the match. Ronaldo's frustration after the match was so frustrating United did nothing to win the match, saying that he has
Ronaldo scored a great goal but his team did not win the Juventus

"The Champions League is a special competition, you can not be confident if you are on the verge of victory, because at any moment the game can turn away," Ronaldo said after the match In this match, Juventus has to pay for the loss of several simple goals. Striker Paolo DiBella and winger Juan Kuudroo have lost two simple opportunities. Ronaldo's voice is so frustrating, 'We played the whole 90 minutes with the domination. There were a lot of good opportunities, if we could get used to, we could have left the field with a win. But without doing that, we were already sure about the result of the match. And we have been punished. '

Ronaldo has expressed his anger over the poor game of United, "This win is not worth the United States. And I would not be able to blame the fate if I wanted to, because we have given them one of their gifts to win! "But Juventus will return to the win, Ronaldo is optimistic," Soon as soon as possible, come out of this frustration. We have undoubtedly played the match well, and we are still at the top of the group. "
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Sleeping at the floor was a job

Ryanair, the world's most affordable and Irish-based airline, has expelled six workers for sleeping at the airport floor at the airport. This information was given in a BBC Online report on Wednesday.
Ryanair's six crew members are sleeping on their office floor at the airport of Spain

Six crew members of Ryanair's plane, who were sleeping on their office floor at the airport in Spain, were sidelined when they were viral in social media last month. On behalf of the airline spokesman, it was reported that the workers were fired for big disciplinary action.

On Tuesday, after the employees were fired, the airline said that the reputation of the company was viral due to the use of social media. They have accused the six crew of betrayal.

On October 14, 20 crew members of the airlines were trapped at the Malaga airport in Spain, on various issues including flight changes. Ryanair claimed that these workers were kept in office for a short time before sending them to the VIP lounge. At this time they think that the workers can not sleep at least on the floor. The next day, the flight was off for Porto in Portugal.

The Portuguese Union SNPVAC opposed Ryanair's move. The union is in charge of running the cabin crew of this airline. They say that no rest has been arranged for the crew for six to six in the morning. That is why they were resting on the floor. The cabin crew was taken to the VIP lounge at six in the morning. The airline authorities also confirmed the authenticity of the information.

The crew's sleeping image was first released on Twitter by Jim Atkinson. In that tweet, he criticized the airlines because he did not have enough staff to stay in the tuition. Then the film is viral. Most people criticized the airline.
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In Indonesia, 189 passengers were crashed

The Lion Air Boeing 737 plane crashed into the sea within a short time of the flight from Indonesia's Jakarta capital with 189 passengers.

Flight at a 6am local time Monday morning.In the short time of the flight, the communication between the rooms was disconnected. The Lion Air Boeing 737 aircraft will soon be taken to the sea coast. Army Chief Staff said to get the main part of the Indonesian crash

The residue of 48 people was recovered, no one was detected.
When the black box is recovered, Lion Air Boeing 737 will be able to get crashed information

189 people in Indonesia have recovered the crash of the black box of the crashed plane. Rescuers said the BlackBox of Lion Air Jett-610 was recovered from the coast of the country.

The jets-610 flight left Jakarta at 6:20 am local time on Monday. In one hour, the flight was scheduled to arrive at Deepti Amir airport of Pankal Pinang. The flight was disconnected from the control panel within 13 minutes of the flight. At the last moment, the pilot was asked to return to the Sukarna Hatta airport in Jakarta. The plane is seen to fly to the last sea. The plane had 181 passengers, including three children. Besides, there were two pilots and six cabin crew.

According to BBC Online news, the crashed plane sank in the Java Sea. No one could be rescued alive till now. Boeing 737 aircraft structure could not be retrieved. The exact cause of the accident happened, it could not be ascertained. It is believed that this happened due to a technical error.

A diver participating in the rescue of Blackbox said, "Rescue operations are on. We dug under the sea and found the black box.
The mobile phone is broken, a little bit scratched. This is a picture behind this. That's the same thing. In the picture, a couple is walking through the bridge over the bridge. Their face is not understood because they are back in front. On Monday, a broken Airplane plane in Indonesia was found in the recovery of the passengers, the broken phone When pictures of these things were recovered, the photo of the broken phone became viral. Who is this couple-such questions arise in the minds of the people? Many people are feeling emotional and read the picture. Finally, the identity of the mysterious couple was found in social media.

According to BBC Online and AFP news, the picture was posted on the account of Inna Yanita Sabitri, a woman named Instagram. But the woman was not in a crashed plane, her husband Wahjo Nugohantarro. The phone is his Maybe the couple had a lot of love for this couple, that's why they used it in the back cover of Who!

Antonio Hartono told the BBC in Wahoo's part, his mother told him about the case of the phone in the picture. Then he came to know that his uncle was on that flight. He said, 'Every time I see the image in social media, I am having trouble. I can not imagine how his wife and children are feeling. It is very painful. A week ago I met a maternal uncle at a family event. We did not even imagine, he would leave us after a week! '

Wajo phone case in the luggage recovered by the passengers. Photo: AFP

Jeth-610 flight leaves Jakarta at 6:20 am local time on Monday. In one hour, the flight was scheduled to arrive at Deepti Amir airport of Pankal Pinang. The flight was disconnected from the control panel within 13 minutes of the flight. At the last moment, the pilot was asked to return to the Sukarna Hatta airport in Jakarta. The plane had 181 passengers, including three children. Besides, there were two pilots and six cabin crew.

The news agency AFP reported that it was the first major accident in Boeing 737 Max (new version 737) of the aircraft. Rescuers rescued the body of some and personal belongings including baby shoes. The families of the deceased were asked to identify the body in the hospital.

Bharti was planning to return to Delhi on a few days after the Indian pilot thought of a pilot. Photo: Facebook
Bharti was planning to return to Delhi on a few days after the Indian pilot thought of a pilot. Photo: Facebook

Indonesia's aircraft, which was crashed in the sea after a few flights to the sky, had mechanical errors before it. The technical log was confirmed as the aircraft's flaws have occurred before the day of the accident. None of the 189 people of the aircraft are expected to survive.

Lion Air authorities said their pilots and co-pilots were experienced.
Pilot Bhaiye Sunja was an Indian citizen. The Indian Embassy of Jakarta confirmed the authenticity of his death. The 31-year-old pilot was about to go to Delhi to attend the Diwali festival. He married a year and a half ago. His uncle told the BBC in New Delhi that the entire family was broken due to Sun's death. No one is in a position to speak.

In the search for newlyweds, Murutado Kuruniwan at the airport. Photo: courtesy of BBC
According to Lion Air, pilot thinking Sunja has six thousand hours and co-pilot Harvino's five-hour flight management experience. There was six cabin crew named Cynthia Melina, Chitra Nivita Angellia, Alviyani Hidayatul Silichah, Damayanti Seermarata, Mary Yalinda, and Danny Mowla. Among these, a crew was a technician and three were pilgrims, flight attendants.

Family members of Jakarta's Halim Paradanakusuma Airport are crowding in search of their loved ones. Some days ago, Muratado Kuruniwan married her His wife went to the aircrafts, went to the office. He was waiting at the airport, waiting at the airport.

Crying said, 'I will not live without him, I love him. I told him the last word, be careful. '

Hendra, the diver of news agency Reuters, said the box was buried under the trash under the sea. But officials say it is a data recorder. There is another blackbox outside, so that the two drivers

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Thousands of bodies of two hundred mass graves in Iraq

Thousands of bodies were found in two hundred mass graves in northern and western parts of Iraq. These mass graves are found in the nineties, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar areas of the country. In one of these areas, the militants were under the control of Islamic State (IS). This information was disclosed in a UN investigation report.

Mosul city of ninja province. This city was in the possession of IS in 2017
Mosul city of ninja province. This city was in the possession of IS in 2017

According to the report, the BBC has found 202 mass grabs in Iraq. Among them, 95 were found in Nevada, Karku 37, Salahuddin 36 and Anabar 24 mass grabs. These mass graves include 6 to 12 thousand people, including members of women, children, elderly, disabled, foreign workers and Iraqi security forces.

JN Koubi, special secretary to UN Secretary-General appointed in Iraq, said that the horrific consequences of the people are documented in our report. Which is very cruel and abusive.

In the last year, ISIS governed several areas of Iraq. At that time indiscriminate killings took place. In addition to the United States, Iraqi government forces operated in the name of IS and counter-terrorism. Many ordinary people including terrorists have also died in those operations.

The identity of the victims was not recognized in the report, while simultaneously helping legal fight against war crimes, crimes against humanity and possible genocide.
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