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Monday, 5 November 2018

The best hotel in the UK was 'Gold Cup'

Luxury events at the restaurant in the UK are not new. The latest addition to the award is the Asian Restaurant and Bequette Awards. In short, it is called 'Aarti'. Showcased novelty 'Arata' in terms of organizing.
The prize is given to the winner

Last Sunday, Arata's first appearance was given to the best karai 'Gold Cup', which means worth 50 thousand pounds (about 60 million takas). A lot of people have been given a prize by the lottery. This huge gathering of more than one thousand guests was held in London's Oton Hotel Intercontinental Ballroom.

Presented by the program, Sky News's presenter Samantha Symonds and British Commodity Ansonay Harriya Along with various local artists, this year, the festival will be hosted by Bollywood's renowned artist Alka Yagnik. Welcoming the guests at the beginning of the ceremony, Arati's founder and executive officer Mohammad Munim Salek said.

Liberal Democrats party chief and former minister for trade Vince Cable was the chief guest at the ceremony. He talked about the ongoing exciting issue of the UK's breakthrough (separation from the EU) and the potential impact of the restaurant sector. Voices Cable, a breakthrough politician, said that after the break-up, opportunities for bringing restaurants and workers from Bangladesh, including South Asian countries, will be hopeless. He said that people coming from Europe will come to come from other countries when they come, that will never happen.

He expressed his views on starting a special visa to resolve the crisis in the restaurant sector. In the UK, 14 restaurants were awarded the best selection. Apart from this, seven National Awards are given in different categories. And 'Champions of the Champions' won the title 'Curry Palace' of Cambridge. They were handed over 50 thousand pounds of a gold trophy. Apart from this, he received 'Life Time Achievement Award' for almost 50 years of brightwork in the industry. Siraj Ali, the owner of Maharaja Restaurant in Essex area, got the award.
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Finding the oldest ship

The archaeological research project, called the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project, has found the remains of the oldest ship in the world under the Black Sea. The ship's discovery researcher said on Tuesday that the carbon dating system has found that it is a ship that was 2,400 years ago. So far, in the known history of humans, this is the place to replace the oldest ship.

Finding the oldest ship

Researchers from the ship's design, construction and duration have confirmed that it is made of the Greek period. It was used as a merchandise trade ship in Greek classical times. In the world of that time, the Black Sea was the main route to the international colony surrounded by the Greek colony. It is found in the depth of 2,000 meters (6,500 feet) deep in the sea about 50 miles away from the coast of Bulgaria. There is no oxygen in this depth of the sea. For this reason, the biomass has remained there for thousands of years. This ship was found in roughly unsteady conditions. In the 75-foot-long ship, many things including its mast, radar, sitting benches and many more are uninterrupted at the time, researchers said.

The project is conducting archaeological research under the Black Sea for three years. In this search, a special type of camera has been used, which are generally used to search for oil and gas fields under the sea. During this period, the discovery of more than 60 shipwrecks was found in the researchers' team. Many of these were made during the Roman Empire, many of the seventeenth-century Cusack Navy ships used to be said.

Professor John Adams of Southampton's Southampton University professor John Adams said that an ancient ship is in an uncertain state, it is also 2,000 meters deep in the sea - it is an event that I did not believe myself seeing. This invention will expand the range of knowledge about shipbuilding and sea navigation in the ancient world. Many ideas of today can be changed instead.
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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Barcelona's thrilling win

Barcelona beat La Liga by 3-2 goals Barcelona have added two goals to Suarez The other goal was in Jambalaya. Pozo and García scored one goal each for the recapture.

Suarez has scored two goals

As it has been. That was not supposed to happen ...

The Barcelona team, which is at the top of the points table in La Liga, will have to reckon with. It did not happen, but Barcelona defeated Barcelona on their own grounds. In the last five minutes of Saturday night's match, Barcelona beat the field with a 3-2 win.

Barcelona got the first opportunity in the eleven minutes of the match. Suarez did not mistake to use the opportunity. Jardy Albar, the ball to move the ball from six yards away with a shot in the net, Suarez, who made Barcelona's yoke laden with Messi without Messi Barca, however, could not open the opening round of the ball during the first half. On the other hand, Barca was digested in the first half. In the 35th minute, Pojo took 25 yards away from the shot and got the shot. The hosts returned equally Two teams leaving the field with a 1-1 scoreline.

At the start of the second half, Rafnia's shots will lead to an unlikely shot, Barcelona loses. But did not make the same mistake. In the 57th minute, Garcia went on to score 2-1. Barclays collapses due to the goals of Barcelona The Valverde's disciples play the last 10 minutes. In the 87th minute, Spanish giants returned to equalize with Demle. The fans of Barca supporters then fear to lose the points. Because of the end of the game of the scheduled time. In the 90th minute of the match, sure to win, Suarez will lead the team in the first half. Suarez gets the ball from Roberto extended cross He wrapped the ball in the horizontal shots to catch the host. By the time, however, Barcelona had convinced to win

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

The farmer made the aircraft

His childhood dream will be the owner of a full plane. 

People do not think how much! But when someone grew up, they kept the dream of the kite. One is China's, Zhu Yi. In order to fulfill his childhood dreams, he needed real airplanes. But he could not buy the original aircraft, he made a replica of the proof-size!

According to the news of The Sun, Zhu Yaya has made a replica of the Airbus company's A320 model. From his childhood he thought, there will be an airplane of his own! But Airbus does not have the ability to buy the real aircraft. In the end, Zhu has made a replica of the same size. This replica made a little more for two years.
Add cvaptAirbus company's A320 model is a planeion

According to Shanghai, at the age of 40, Zhu Yaya has fulfilled her dream of childhood. The replica made by him is 124 feet long. And the width is 118 feet. Zoo has helped five of his friends to make the 40-foot high replica.

In the words, the price of a hundred thousand rupees! Zhu is spending money on making the dream plane. The total cost will be 2.6 million yuan. It is more than two crore taka in Bangladeshi currency. The construction work is expected to end in May.
Of course, Zhu Yar has more plans on the dream plane. There is a desire to start a restaurant there. Zhu said, 'Now I want to finish this work at any cost. There is a plan to start a restaurant here.

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Due to the painting of the museum, disease

There will be medicines in the doctor's prescription-this is normal.

 But if the management is asked to enjoy painting, then it is a little surprising. Surprised that exceptional event is actually in reality. Patients will go to the museum to see the pictures. There will be peace in mind, body-mind will be shocked, and breathlessness will be found. Diseases will decrease.
Patients will be given the opportunity to showcase art in the museum as part of treatment

In Toronto, Canada, there will be a variety of photographs of artists who have painted artwork-for patients who are under medical supervision. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) has advised doctors to arrange for patients to go to the museum free of charge. This kind of step in the world is thought to be the first.

The museum authorities say the patients will get relief after seeing their four-wheelers. It will give them a kind of comfort. The project will be started from November 1.

Members of M. Déquins Francisco Francis of Canada can register for the primary project. In the initial stage of the project, 50 prescriptions have been issued for MMFA.

The Director General of the Museum, Nathalie Bandil, played the role behind this initiative. He told BBC Online that the beautiful environment of the museum will inspire the minds of the patients. It will help them to be good people. It will give them a different experience without suffering the pain of the patients. Eprothomalo

Bandil hopes, if this initiative succeeds, people will be able to think about the museum again. He also said, 'We will keep the doors of the museum not only for the patients but also for the doctors.'

In the statement, H1N Boar said in the survey, survey and research showed that this study will affect the body and body. He also said, 'I believe, my patients will be delighted to visit the museum. Their pain will be reduced. There will be no side effects. '

Several therapies have been arranged in the museum. The artist has been hired for the therapist. Diet can be relieved from disorders such as breast cancer to therapies. The Montreal Museum says, the fine arts of the arts.

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Indonesia's crashed plane wheel and chair recovered

Indonesia's Lion Air has been rescued from the bottom of the sea. Shortly after landing in the sky on Monday, 189 passengers and crew were displaced by passenger and crew in the Java Sea, the Lunar Air Boeing 737 Max 8 series Unkora aircraft. The authorities are analyzing BlackBox data to find out why such a new aircraft has been hit.
Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft black box recovered.

Today, AFP reported on Friday that the naval find and rescue team commander Essoarto said that the search will be conducted on Friday (Friday) where the aircraft is believed to have been destroyed. There is much debris in the airplane, there are wheels and chairs, which have been broken into pieces. They are scattered all over and some floats in the stream. He said that the divers searched the place 25-35 meters deep.
Several bodies were removed from the accident site by the body of the body.

The last rites of a killed passenger were completed on Thursday for the first time on Thursday. To identify the identity of other passengers, their bodies were sent to the hospital for DNA tests. Many passengers of the accident were not found yet. They are expected to be rescued from the ruins. Of these, many passengers may be found staying in the seat.

Authorities say a black box of the aircraft has been recovered. As well as landing gear, Blackbox is installed on the plane. Rescuers from the rescued black box find out the reason for the crash.
According to aviation-related experts, black boxes can provide about 90 percent of the information about the cause of the accident. It can record flight speed, flight speed from sea level and direction of direction along with flight crew. This short-distance aircraft is used as the world's newest and most modern commercially used passenger carrier.

Boeing and the US National Transportation Safety Board have joined the Indonesian investigative team. Recovered the metal parts of the aircraft, including torn clothes, shoes, wallet, phone.

JetTh-610 flight leaves Jakarta at 6:20 am local time on Monday. In one hour, the flight was scheduled to arrive at Deepti Amir airport of Pankal Pinang. It was disconnected with the control panel within 13 minutes of the flight. At the last moment, the pilot was asked to return to the Sukarna Hatta airport in Jakarta. The plane had 181 passengers, including three children. Besides, there were two pilots and six cabin crew.

It is said that the aircraft had mechanical errors before it. The technical log was confirmed as the aircraft's flaws have occurred before the day of the accident. Lion Air has confirmed it.

The countries of the vast islands are heavily dependent on the aircraft for Indonesia. However, the country's flight safety situation is not good. According to Aviation Safety Network data, about 40 accidents have occurred in the past 15 years.

Lion Air's aircraft has already been hit by the accident. In 2013, Lion Air fell to the sea before landing at 904 flight sand international airport. However, 108 passengers and crew of the aircraft survived the accident. In 2004, 538 flights from Jakarta were displaced in Solo City. It killed 25 people.

162 people were killed when air rains in the Java Sea in 2014 due to stormy weather.
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JSC-JDC suspension test will be held on November 9

The yesterday's Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) test was postponed yesterday

The postponed test will be held on 9th November at 9am
How many years after meeting with Mrs. Shifa today, I can not say how I feel. But when I came to Dhaka for testing class five scholarship, I had to spend several days with him. There is still a jaguar in memory, it seems that it was the first time in the first place. As far as I remember, my grandmother went to Dhaka's Daiya Narayanganj. While I was very young, I used to travel around my mother's eyebrows. Neither bad nor ever. Because, grandmother, I had more accustomed to my mother than my mother and place of independence.

Mrs. Shifa became my uncle by the relationship. In that Sutra, the father was planning to go after my exams, for a few days, gradually I would come to Rikha in three Pufu and uncle's house. Apart from our remaining relatives, we were able to make a big tour because of this. I was so happy because for the first time alone I was going out of the house for so many days. New places and people-I liked it all, although I used to talk very little. Mrs. Shifa was a senior official of any government bank. Very easy-to-speak, a lady in tight and tidy Color black There was no nose in the family in our family. Even then no one could understand that, in a hiding, my puffs, their boys' beer time was fixed, and they looked at the daughters of the wealthy father. Likewise, my relatives used to choose a woman in the same way as the camera or hide the stolen food. However, Mrs. Shifa's strong personality had no place for these black-and-white issues. I was quite uncomfortable with him, I had a distance to understand the outside. But on a holiday on the occasion of the excursion, he went to Gaushia and saw a beautiful maroon gown. It was said that I was happy. Because I still remember what the dress was like.

Afterward, I never had a meeting with Mrs. Shifa, I do not remember. Even if it is done, it is a very short meeting. That's why I met him at least twenty years later. The look does not look too old in old age. But the sadness of the sadness is obvious. I was feeling a little bit embarrassed to meet him suddenly. I think I am also responsible for his current situation. She thought that she would have felt the desire to be ashamed, she felt more like her thana. I was feeling depressed by the trimmed hair in his golden coloring trimmed hair. I used to think that how sweet my family is, how sweet is in the past. I can not say very well about myself There was nothing to say about my own life. Chapala is a common man; After the divorce, I have lived a long way with the baby boy.

My uncle has mastered an established educational institute. His love marriage with Mrs. Shifa was. She is a child of the elderly family of Old Dhaka. And my father-cousin muftsale educated families. After reading my uncle's university, I started to love Shifa. After being a little older, I heard that Shipar Family had sent a few truck-filled types of furniture as a gift of beer. But my grandfather did not give up all those things. He used to say, 'My dad is coming, we will stay the same way we live.' I do not know because of being a young girl, Mrs. Shifa's sincerity was all suspected. Of course, all of this is my idea. Although everyone in our family was very nervous in comparison to others because of their higher education. The behavioral areas of typical middle-class families they wanted to avail, consciously.

When Mrs. Shifa consulted while my grandfather was at home, my uncle taught in another town. In seven months, the baby died within the stomach and two days were in the stomach. After his physical crisis, the doctor told him that he could never have a baby. I do not know in detail afterward. But after all these happenings, Mrs. Shifa knew my uncle had gone to Dhaka. My uncle has stopped contacting the house since then. But the reason for that was unknown to everyone.

Mrs. Shifa asked me a few questions and she said, she is watching my child. Being a child found a great life, he kept repeating it again and again. Just because I had my own baby at that moment, myself seemed to be a criminal, I had my own. Mrs. Shifa said, she lives in the country for some time of the year and the rest of the time is with her parents in America. Shifa is a feared son in Dhaka, he said. And that feared son felt the tension towards Dhaka, he said that he said. Sorry, the feather boy Neue people do not stop talking. Shinya I was completely speechless. I remembered, Mrs. Shifara was listening to my mother and her first cousin before or after my second daughter-in-law about 'teenage boyfriend'. I did not have to say anything to my family. I just saw Shafiq. I was able to see his sad eyes, hair, and smile. In between my father, our sister-in-law said, 'I can not give a little time to your uncle?' How long after coming His mind is not good, every single person? 'I became so shy and angry in my father's stupidity.
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Village Fair

People at some places in Grasmere celebrate various festivals and charans

buying toys, sweet items, etc. are available in some places in the village. He is called a village fair. Village fair is the traditional time of Bangladesh. Rural entertainment is one of the entertainment commodities in the rural areas of the country. The village's quietly peaceful villages of the village are waiting for the enthusiasm of the village people to Refine the main purpose of the Village Fair. 

On the occasion of famous folklore, ball game competition, famous pier ores, worship of Hindus, barni 'bath or thongs, Brahmaputra bath etc. where people meet, they sit in the village. Just meeting fair and many fairs. and Ho Chi-Choi
Village Fair

Refine the main purpose of the Village Fair. On the occasion of famous folklore, ball game competition, famous pier ores, worship of Hindus, barni 'bath or thongs, Brahmaputra bath etc. where people meet, they sit in the village. Just meeting fair and many fairs. Most of our country's fairs are held in the winter when the fields are harvested, people have unlimited retirement. The fair usually lasts for four days for four days.

The village fair is very similar to the exhibition in urban areas. Here are some of the main types of cottage industries of Bengalis, such as Kura, Dali, Da, Th anti, Kunda, Potthil, Lakhs, Pavilas, etc.. Many children, such as flute dolls, yarns, etc. are available in large numbers to distract the children. Besides, man, chicha, sweet etc. are abundantly available.

 In general, the festivals are the exclusive monopoly of industrial products. These products are just as nice and cheap as they are. Another interesting thing about the fair is the gathering of different recreational stalls. Here there are A marked Pramad arrangements of various types of Soccer, Jatra Nativity, Jadukhola, Music etc. Lots of visitors enjoy all of these in exchange for money.

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Friday, 2 November 2018

mobile phone

A wonderful invention of modern science is the mobile phone.

This is the telephone version of the developer. This is a popular and affordable way of life for fast communication.

In the nineteenth century, Binangani Grabbamal was the first person to hear the message of Manisha away from the telephone. It's easier to use. Bangladesh's first mobile phone service started in 1996. Mobile phones brought a breakthrough in fast communication with home and abroad.

It has been modified by essential communication to ensure dynamic human life. This machine is known about the current situation of people located far and wide. In today's advanced and attractive mobile phones, there are activities like listening to music, viewing movies, photographing and browsing the Internet. It is easily portable and small, always kept close.

Nowadays mobile phones are being used as entertainment. This is especially due to the lack of education in the education sector. Besides, the level of redistribution is increasing due to its overuse. The radiation of the human body is harming the nervous system, brain, eyes etc.
An innovative addition to mobile phone information technology.

 Its rapid expansion wins the distance as well as the uninterrupted ties created for communication. Everyone needs to be aware of the use of mobile phones, as well as its misuse.

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Two people were killed in a gun battle with Cox's Bazar Police

Rajshahi Railway Station. A crowd of students and crowds Chhatra League and Chhatra Shibir clashed at a university campus yesterday. Fifteen-twenty people were injured including student teachers. Because of their clashes, the entire Moti Hara Chattar takes shape in the battlefield. To handle the situation, the university authorities ordered the vacancies to be vacant. Suddenly the university caused such incidents to the students of the university who came to return home to the crowd
gathered at the station. From this station, many local and long-distance trains depart daily in different parts of the country. The clock is just ten in the afternoon. Khulna-bound Kopatak Express was running out of the train, the train's guard also foamed the green flag in his hand and fused it in the bamboo. Just when the train took the turn, a young man jumped on the train while running with a school bag in the neck. He ran on the run, the point was sweat on the forehead. He took out a napkin from the pocket and wiped it out of his mind, said Thanksgiving, and if I had missed it, the train would miss it.

Two people were killed in a gunfight with police in Cox's Bazar Teknaf police. Asta and Yaba rescue. 

There is no room for til in the garden. Each seat is full. There are many passengers standing. The young man sitting on the seat number from the pocket and sitting in an old man sitting in his seat. The person was also looking at the seat number that he was getting. He said, 'This is the seat of Babaji? I will go to Jaipurpur. Just sitting down and sitting. Ishwardi junction in front. From here, the connection train of Joypurhat. Let me leave the seat. '
No, no. Sit down. You cannot be sitting in Ishwardi. Until then I can stand up. No problem will be said, the young man
A young woman sat opposite a magazine page in front of the seat. The students of the university think that. When he heard the conversation between the young man and the elderly gentleman, he looked once again with his eyes on the magazine page.

When the train reached Ishwardi junction, the gentleman fell down thanking the youth. She sat down in her seat and sat down. Now, the young man, feeling a little worried, examined his body and sat on the other side, dragging the oars around it. The train again went to its destination. When crossing the river and crossing the Hardinge bridge over the Padma, both of them were watching the scene of the Padma leaning through the window. Pramita Padma cursed by the Farakka dam, she lost her youth and reached old age. As far as the eyes were seen, it was just scorched by the shelf. A little more than a shabby blaze was seen from the Hardinge Bridge, Lalon Shah Bridge.
At the same time a foot of the young man was hit by the feet of the young man. He said, 'I am sure that he took the leg.' The young man responded with shame, 'That's All Right.' Then asked, where will you go?
Khulna He answered.

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Deepika with Ranbir a wedding card

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone's celebration of the pre-marriage will be married to actor Ranveer Singh at the end of this month, where she started traditional worship in her own town.

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, decorated with an orange traditional costume, Deepika gets her hair full of earrings, beautiful hair, and disciplined make-up, brightness, elegance, and happiness.
The designer wants a fresh start actress
The ring in the hands of Deepika Padukone in marriage

"A new and exciting journey has started for you and you are very pleased with all of us in Sabah," Best of all time.
Mukherjee, who has been dating Ranveer for six years, has been dating for six years.
Deepika with Ranbir
Even actresses' stylists have shared pictures from worship.
Ranveer and Deepika have announced that their wedding ceremony will be held on November 14-15 in two days. It was announced through social media after having imagined for the couple's dinner for a couple of months, starring "Goliyan Ki Raslelela: Ram-Leela", "Bajiro Mastani" and "Padmavat".

He is the Padmabhati of Bollywood. Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh are married in a royal wedding. There was no flaw in the marriage of this princess in Bollywood. And during the wedding, Deepika actually came into existence as if the Queen Padmavati For two days the tension between Deepaware's marriage was increasing gradually. Everyone was expecting Deepaware's wedding photo. On Thursday night, Deepak's spokesman sent only two pictures to the media. And that picture becomes viral in two moments. Deepika and Ranbir were seen in both of the pictures of the spokesperson. The eyes of each other are overflowing with joy. Dipika's Red Lehenga along with his hand ring also caught everyone's eye. Even the price of this ring is also known.

On the card, Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone wrote, "It is very good to inform you of this news with the blessing of our family, we are getting married on 14 and 15 November 2018. Thank you very much for your unhappy love for both of us. You want your blessing for the love, friendship, and relationships that we are pursuing mutual trust.

One of the rings in Deepika's hands has been given by Ranbir. A diamond ring has been placed on Deepika's finger on the occasion of Bollywood's her wedding. Normally girls have a round or oval ring in their hands. But Deepika's ring is quite different. In the picture, a ring of pseudo-shaped bangles in Bollywood's Padmabati Ranbir gave Deepika a special ring of solitary diamonds And the price of this ring will be special, it does not say. 

It is learned that the ring that Ranbir has given to Deepika in marriage is worth 2.5 million rupees. But the price of Ranbir's ring is not known. Before Bollywood, Deepika is married to two Bollywood actresses. This year, Sonam Kapoor is married to businessman Anand Ahuja. And before that Anushka Sharma married cricketer Virat Kohli. 

Now the price of the wedding ring of these two Bollywood heroes came up in the discussion. According to a website, Sonam Kapoor's ring was worth Rs. 90 lakhs on the wedding and Anushka's ring was worth a million rupees. Deepika is much more than the price of the ring, it does not say.
First Kanaki, after marrying Deepi, married Sindhi. So they are now completely husband-wife Beaton's latest news, this new couple will go on the honeymoon after marriage. But their honeymoon trip will be smaller or smaller. Because in December, 'Simba' pictures of Ranbir will be released. So, hurrying to take pictures of Hanimuna, this Bollywood star will have to work. Meanwhile, Deepika is going to work in a film with Meghna Gulzar. The story of this picture about Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attacker named.

Where will Bollywood stars Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone get married? It is heard, Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone planned to get married outside the country. Ranbir Singh is a goodwill ambassador of Switzerland. The Switzerland government is asking, in this country, the Bollywood wedding is in this discussion. But what does this star pair think? The media from the people related to them have come to know that this star couple is choosing Italy for marriage. In the meantime, the hotel has been booked there. Wedding Planner has been booked. Deepika's father came to Italy to fix everything. Deepika and Ranbir want to protect 100% privacy on marriage. These two stars have jointly decided this.

Ranbir and Deepika's family or wanted to organize a wedding in Udaipur, Rajasthan. But it is not. But one thing is certain, like Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, they will also be in Mumbai after reception party in Mumbai. But a reception party will be in Bangalore.

Earlier, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma chose to marry Tuscany city of Italy. Like Deepika, Virat Kohli and Anushka will be seen in an advertisement about marriage before marriage, "Deepak" Ranbir and Deepika will be seen in the same company's advertisement as Birat and Anushka had campaigned for the organization.

It's heard, Ranbir and Deepika have been blessed. Last year, when they went to Sri Lanka, they were 'Rokha' (blessing) in the presence of two families. These two stars are so hostile around the marriage, but they are sitting in the face of Ranbir and Deepika. Dipika and her mother Ujjalala finished the wedding shopping.

Ranbir's family wants the marriage to be in Sindhi style. It is heard, traditional tradition 'Sanath' will be held. Friends and relatives of the bridegroom to tear up the clothes of the groom on the evening. Everyone laughs in humor. And Deepika's mother Ujjalla Padukone wants to do 'Nandi Pooja' in Bengaluru 10 days before. 

Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone were married on Wednesday in Lake Vile the Balubianail in Italy, according to Kanaki's custom. The next day, Bollywood's popular celebrity couple has married in Sindhi style on Thursday. Prior to this, on Tuesday, Dipper's Mehdi ceremony was held in the night, the interchange Then, on Sunday morning, returning from Milan to Mumbai, the newlyweds Ranbir Singh and Deepika Padukone. From the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, the husband 'Padmavati' went straight to her husband in her in-laws' house. And today, with Deepika Padukone going to Bengaluru with new Jamai. There will be a reception for Deepika's family on Wednesday in the Leela Palace.
Today Deepika is wearing white Anarkali, neck mangalsutra and pinnacle in hand. Ranbir Singh also felt very good today. She is wearing a white jacket on Sharvani. At the airport, they are very well-known. The joy of marriage is still in their eyes. On the request of the photographer, Ranbir paused for a new wife.

At the request of the photographer, Ranveer Singh, close to new wife Deepika Padukone, paused
At the request of the photographer, Ranveer Singh, close to new wife Deepika Padukone, paused
After Bangalore, on November 28, another grand reception will be held in The Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. Deepawali will invite Bollywood friends and colleagues here.

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Halloween Festival 2018

Wednesday, October 31
Halloween 2018
Halloween "means" refined evening "or" holy evening
This festival is celebrated every year until the end of October. Europe is the popular festival in America in America. The whole 31 dates can be seen in the Milon Mela of Ghosts. From the beginning of the word of Halloween to Ireland On 31st of the year, Ireland celebrates the celebration of harvesting of grains.

They believe that the soul of the dead comes down to die on this day. Halloween is celebrated in many Western countries today, such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. Also in Japan, Asia and Australia and New Zealand were celebrated in Halloween. The biggest festival of the country is the Hall of Festivals.

Halloween festival on Tuesday, October 31. All over the United States now exorcism All the houses inhabited by ghosts and chests of the city dwellers. All the fearful decorations that were arranged in the shops. All the events are next week's Halloween festival. Before Christmas, it's the biggest festival in America. Christmas religious festival Halloween is like a story-based cultural festival. Every year on the last day of October the celebration is celebrated throughout the United States. Wearing all kinds of fears, dressing masks, candy collections, children dressed in different colors, and joining the parade - all are the main attractions of the day.

There are many different kinds of honey celebrations about the source of the Halloween festival. Those who celebrate festivals do not even have the right idea about the source of this festival. The story-based festival is very old in Western society. It has changed over time. According to the information, Halloween originates in 1745. Its origins in the Christian community Its Bengali means holy afternoon or night. It is the Scottish word, which means 'Everything is sacred' / 'All Hallows', which implies holy day or night before the night. Modern Halloween, the cultured societal culture influenced by the folklore and belief of the inhabitants of western

Western Celtic countries of Europe. Some believe that this culture has grown from the source of a major pagan religion that does not believe in the main religion (Judaism, Christianity or Islam) in the world. According to a folk writer, throughout Ireland, there was an uncomfortable compromise between the folklore and the world of Christianity before the history of folk religion and belief. Historian Nicholas Rogers found the origin of Halloween and said that the Halloween associated with the banquet in honor of Pomona,

 the Goddess of Romantic Fruit. There are many other mythological stories in this context. However modern Halloween folklore is believed to have influenced the Christian religious doctrine. On 31st October and November 1 and 2, most European-American Christian celebrities celebrate Halloween. Migrants from Scotland and Ireland brought Halloween to the United States.

This festival is celebrated with friends at the family stage, sometimes with colleagues. In some areas, this festival is celebrated in a big way. Older people create terrible types of films or clothing festivals or ghost houses or cemeteries. Children roam around in neighboring homes after wearing a bright dress. Some families use pancin (cauliflower / pumpkin) or other vegetables to create frightening faces. Or they decorate their home and garden in Halloween style. If you are at home during the Halloween season, someone may come to your home with some gifts or sweets. Its purpose is to please the invisible power of your neighboring area.

UNESCO collects donations from the United Nations International Emergency Child Fund during Halloween The children collect the small amount of money for this purpose. This collection is used to help poor children worldwide. Holon does not have a public holiday. Normal work continued in government offices and business establishments. Passenger vehicles travel at the right time. Halloween is used as a business opportunity for traders to sell their products. Along with the change of time, there are many types of changes in clothing and other fashion in the year of Halloween. Especially for decorators, candies and candy makers for the promotion of Halloween and business for the American businessmen.
On the day each one is seen to have a great deal of 'Happy Halloween'.
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Thursday, 1 November 2018

The modern railway station is going to be opened in Kaliakoir of Gazipur

'Bangabandhu High Tech Railway Station' awaiting Prime Minister's inauguration in Kaliakoir
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the station through the Telecommunication TELI Conference, to be inaugurated tomorrow next to Bangabandhu High City in Kaliakoir of Gazipur. By developing the railway station, the development of the communication system in the area as well as industrialization and tourism industry will also develop.
The construction of the modern railway station was started in Kaliakoir of Gazipur in 2016. According to the railway authorities sources, Kaliakoir between Mirzapur and Mouchak station has been constructed at a cost of 344.88 lakhs.
The construction of the modern railway station is going on in Kaliakoir of Gazipur this year.
Modern railway station at Kaliakoir of Gazipur.

Rail Station is being constructed in the area of Kaliakoir in Gazipur near the Bangabandhu High City. The railway station has been set up to ensure the transportation facilities of the officers and employees working.

Bangladesh's first high-tech park 'Bangabandhu High City' will start two train services in the city. The Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority has said that train will be opened in two very short days at Bangabandhu High City City Commuter Train-1 and Bangabandhu High City City Commuter Train-2.

Railway authorities said that the initiative has been taken to direct trains between Dhaka-Panchagarad for the convenience of the people of Panchagarh district, and their long-standing demand. Prior to this, Dhaka-Dinajpur train and speed train have been brought to Panchagarh. This train will stop at 23 stations from Panchagarh to Dhaka. According to the new schedules between Panchagarh-Dinajpur and Dinajpur-Dhaka, the trains will operate according to the old schedule. The shuttle train of Dinajpur-Panchagarh railway was stopped. There is no weekday closure.

Railway authorities said, the distance of Dhaka-Panchagarh rail line is 639 kilometers, which is the longest train service in the country. The speed train will depart from Panchagarh railway station for Dhaka at 7:20 am every morning. After 10 hours 50 minutes, the train will reach Dhaka at 6:10 pm. Fasting from Dhaka will leave at eight o'clock in the morning and reach Panchagarh at 6:35 PM the next day.

 Ekta Express will leave from Panchagarh at nine o'clock every night. The train will reach Dhaka at 8:10 am the next day. Unity Express from Dhaka will leave at 10am every morning and reach Panchagarh at around 9pm. Accelerator and Ekta Express train bogsankhana total 13. Each train can carry around 1,200 passengers. However, for the people of Panchagarh, there are 35 scheduled seats (decorative chair).

Panchagarh Railway Station Master. Mosharraf Hossain said that every air-conditioned berth (rent) of the air-conditioned (AC) berth is Tk 1,94,200, AC chair rent is Tk 1,53, non-AC berths rent 1, 145 145 and decorative chair rent Tk 550.
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