our respect and admiration

our respect and admiration by virtue of their talent, method of teaching, kind dealings and strong those who command personality. Teaching is their mission and not profession. They are respected by all irrespective of class Fur. L Favourite teacher: Mr. Nazrul Islam is such an ideal teacher. So, 1 love him, respect him and like him best. He has left a permanent impression on my mind by his noble qualities of love and affection, spotless character and admirable method of teaching. He is a successful English teacher. He knows his subject quite well. He knows the modern method of teaching. He is smart, intelligent and amiable, He bears fatherly affection

outside the four walls

for the students. He is always kind to the students and bears a great sympathy for them. His teaching methods: Mr. Nazrul Islam knows his

students well. He is fully aware of the object caste, creed, and color. go Stu tea why the students come to school. He teaches in a very interesting way. the make us lessons through questions and answers. We get from him something new every da He pronounces words correctly when he speaks. He helps us pronounce every word correctly speaks distinctly giving proper stress to the proper place and advises us to follow him. Speak in full sentences and helps us improve our speech. All thiS makes his lessons quite interesting and effective. His love for the students: Mr. Nazrul Islam believes us.

He is not only our teacher but also our friend

philosopher and guide, He is dutiful and strict. He has got the capacity to create interest in the subject he teaches. So, every student listens to him with rapt attention. He never uses CADG O punish the students. But he pains them more seriously than a cane by the sweet tongue. He great delight in working with us both in the classroom and in the playground. He is very affectionate to us and is always ready to help us in all possible ways. This is why he is a favorite to me. Outside the classroom: He never tolerates any breach of discipline. He tries his utmost to correct the students. Even

outside the four walls of the school, he takes care of the students. He never wounds their feelings. He helps them in distress. A disciplinarian: He is strict in maintaining discipline both in the classroom and in the field. He takes part in the extra-curricular activities of the students. He always encourages us to take part in games, sports and other activities of the school. Cause of my liking: Mr. Islam is a successful teacher. He is honest and sincere. He is well conversant with methodical teaching. Mr. Islam does not hanker after cheap popularity, Though he has a soft corner for us in his

heart, he does not let us go unpunished

if we are negligent in our studies, He always sees it that we have learned our lessons. That is why I like him most. Conclusion: Mr. Nazrul is quite a successful teacher. He is a born teacher and a true friend of students. He is a pride in our country. His advice, “Be a man” shall remain ever fresh in my memory, Students are always benefited by his teaching. His teaching capacity, his love and affection, and his behavior charmed us very much.

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