merchant has a lot of business

DIGNITY Of LABOUR Introduction: All Labor is sacred and full of dignity. God has given us hands to work with. In the Al-Quran, it is said, “There is nothing for man but labor.” We should use them as long as we are strong and able. To know one’s work and do it should be the motto of a man’s life. Importance of labor in human life: Labo labor, we would not have food, clothes, and shelter. But a man should undergo labor honestly and do his work faithfully. Samuel Smiles says,

“It’s not a disgrace to be a shoemaker. But it’s certainly a great disgrace to make bad shoes.” Usefulness: A man who looks upon labor as a curse has no idea of ​​the dignity of labor and cannot win the respect of others. He lives to no purpose and dies leaving nothing behind. All glory goes to those who give their labor to the service of others. They make the field green and build houses, bridges, ships, and railways. They make all arts and all sciences. They work for the good of humans. The wrong idea about labor: Our educated people are lacking in the sense of dignity of labor. They have the wrong idea of this great quality.

They hate farmers, rickshaw pullers

coolies and others who undertake manual labor. The dignity of Labor Creating Self-confidence: It is labor that can fill a person with a sense of dignity and independence. It gives him the true spirit of courage and self-confidence. He is a man of industry and full of the dignity of labor. Conclusion: Labor should be considered particularly dignified. It is full of the highest dignity known to man. So no one should consider labor mean and shameful. % 3D occupies an important place in human life. Without

QUALITY Introduction: Punctuality means making the exact time of appointment. He who does one thing exactly at the right time is said to be punctual. It is a very good habit to be punctual. It prompts us to do one thing at the right time. Merits: Our life is short and work is long. We shall have a good deal of work in our short span of life. It is only being punctual that we can do much work in our lives. We should try to form the habit of punctuality from our boyhood. It cannot be acquired overnight. It must be achieved step by step. For business: Punctuality is the soul of business. It is very important for merchants.

A merchant has a lot of business to do in a day

If he is not punctual, he cannot command the confidence of his customers. It may cause serious loss to him. Punctuality in student life: Punctuality is very useful to the student. A punctual student finds much time for reading, writing and making lessons. He must go to school punctually. A punctual boy reads while it’s time to read. He learns his lessons in proper time and thus, fares well in the exam. An examiner must be very punctual. If he does not turn up the exam hall punctually,

he will not find the time to answer all the questions. A punctual boy is crowned with success and he makes life glorious. On the contrary, an unpunctual boy cannot succeed in life and he makes life miserable. Conclusion: Punctuality is at the root of all success in life. It is a great necessity in every walk of life. It makes a man sensible, active and above all a successful man. 77. DIGNITY Of LABOUR Introduction: All Labor is sacred and full of dignity. God has given us hands to work with. In the

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