man has many memorable days

A man has many memorable days in his life. When he thinks of thee, they make a good and bad impression on his mind. I have also many memorable days in my life. But all the days । of my life are not equally memorable. I become very sad when I recollect one of these days here, When the day : My last day at college is one of the memorable days of my life . Two days were left and the H . S. C. The examination would commence. We, the candidates went to college to take the blessings of the teachers and bring our admit card. It was the 5th of April, my last day at college Thought: I read in this college for two years. The thought that I was going to leave the college forever filled my mind with a feeling of deep sorrow. But I must leave college as my H . S. C Examination was knocking at the door. Reason to go: Our coaching classes were over. Our college authority arranged a farewell

Goats and horses

party and ! a Doa Mahfil

. We were invited to it. We readily accepted the invitation. We went to college to take leave of our honorable teachers and beloved college – I mates. Feeling: We moved from one class to another, touched the feet of our teachers. They blessed us from the core of their heart and expressed their great affection for us. We could not help bursting into tears. They advised us not to lose heart in the examination hall, In principal ‘ s room: Last, of all, we entered the Principal ‘ s room, We touched his feet and showed him our heartfelt respect. He partied upon our heads and blessed us. He spoke loving and affectionate words to us. In one of affection he advised us not to get nervous in the examination hall. He told us how to revise answer scripts. At last, he said that the name and fame of the school dependable ( on our success. His valuable instructions made ( peel

impression on our tender mind

Farewell: Then the students of the college gathered in the hall to give us a hearty farewell, We met those with whore ) we were intimate. Here we remembered lix. miles and tears of our students. This gives road takes repertory filler my heart will a sense of ( repression ). So, I could not say anything though was requested $ ( ) fruitfully tern Dy Something. Which we were served with sects. Therewith heavy heart aft. Is look bar wilt left the college Corp join Conclusion: I shall never forget the day in my life, This lay will remain ever Fresnel in my memory till ray last breath, TREE

PLANTATION Introduction: Allah has created so many things for the benefit of mankind. Trees are one of them. They are gifts of nature. They are our great friends: They are useful to us. They exert influence upon the climatic condition of the world. They play an important role in the life and economy of a country, This is why we should plant more trees. Kinds of Trees: There are many kinds of trees. Some are big and some are small. Some have branches and some do not have branches. Some trees have flowers and some have no flowers. Some are famous for fruits and some for wood. However, trees are essential for different purposes in our society.

They give us food, shelter, and oxygen.

They protect our land and protect us from floods, cyclones, and natural calamities, Trees also make the land fertile and save the land from erosion. We get more timber from trees, In fine, they protect us from the scorching heat of the sun. Benefits: Maximum trees give us various fruits: Among them, the mango trees, coconut trees, blackberry, etc are most important. These fruits provide us maximum vitamins. So, trees solve the food problem, They can help us to get a good health. Trees are the main source of rain. They prevent our land from becoming a desert. They maintain the ecological balance of nature

and the global environment. Trees are the most beautiful things of natural beauty. The green trees in the forest or house soothe our eyes. So, trees are the most essential to human beings.

Trees prevent air pollution.

Cutting down trees: The ignorant people of our country cut down many trees regularly. Besides they use wood as fuel. Trees are burnt in the ‘brick fields’. As a result, the country is losing many trees day by day. Of course, this is a great threat to human environment. If such process continues the country must turn into a desert. It is the right time to plant trees in proper time. Time & place to

plant: The Bangla months of Assar and Srabon are the correct time for planting varieties trees. Every man of our country should plant trees every year. Of course, it is the present Government slogan ‘Plant trees & save the country’. Fruits and shady trees must be planted by the road sides, fronts, dams and railway lines, college and school premises, Conclusion: Trees are part and parcel of our life. So, it is our foremost duty to plant trees and take care of them. We should come forward to make it success. If we fail to plant trees, our future

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