It rains cats and dogs and sometimes

Uny Bomelimes It rains cats and dogs and sometimes t Appearance of li drizzles. Often there are flashes of lightning and roars of thunder in the sky, It rains almost stevens There is hardly any pause in the rain. The sky remains cloudy. The sun is not seen. Nature looks 4 Condition of Outside: Tanks, ponds, rivers are filled with water and roads go under the streets of the wter town go underwater for hours even after a shower. The roads and streets become muddy and slippery. Demerits: Due to heavy rain, normal life is

It rains cats and dogs and sometimes

disrupted. A rainy day causes some problems to the class of people, It is mostly a curse for a poor man. He cannot go out for his daily work. His oven does not burn. His clothes do not dry. He goes without food as he lives from hand to mouth. To passers-by: The man who cannot but go out, passes along a muddy road.

He finds that the rood

. are underwater at places. So he has to wade through water, Thus he runs the risk of foot-slip and a pl he falls. Advantages: A rainy day has some problems too, It brings joy to some

people. There are some people who remain busy all the time. They get the chance to take rest and pass idle time. Thus it may bring some advantages to the following people: Condition of the rich man: To a rich man, it is not an anxious day. He sits quietly by the window and listens to the patter of the rainfall. He finds a secret joy in having no work to do for the day. Feeling to a schoolchild: To a schoolchild, a rainy day is very enjoyable. So he welcomes it. During a rainy, he does not need school. Even at home, he does not

want to study. He has a day’s holiday

which he did not count for. He enjoys the day fully. Feeling of a poet: A rainy day brings joy to the poet. It arises a feeling of writing a poem. So he sings the blessings of a rainy day. So he sings: How beautiful is the rain! After the dust and heat, In the broad and fiery street, And in the narrow lane. How to enjoy: Sometimes a rainy day is enjoyed much. Children run and play in the rain. They sing songs. Boys,

girls and women take rest and gossip. They are seen to bathe in the rainwater with happiness. People like to eat hotchpotch. The old people sleep in their beds. Thus a rainy day brings the joyous mood to almost all classes of people. Conclusion: Sometimes a rainy day brings misery. Excessive rainfall overflows the banks of the rivers. The flood occurs and causes a huge loss.

School going students enjoy the day much, After all, a rainy day gives us both joy and sorrow. It varies from person to person. 54 A VILLAGE FAIR

Description of some particular

lowers: Roses are of many kinds. Some are big, some are small, some are red and some are white The Lotus is another popular flower of Bangladesh. It is also scented. Its scent is delicate. Its color and size are attractive. It has many petals. The Kamini is a very soft flower. Its petals fall Marigold has a bright color and a strong smell. There are some flowers whose scent is really very strong The Gandhara,

the chameleon, the kantele, champs, and the Bakul belong to this group of strongly scented flowers. Beli has a mild but sweet scent. the slightest touch. It scatters its fragrance over a vast area.

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