improve our country

If we want to improve our country. Family planning is a must. It is essential for the peace and prosperity of a nation. We should all come forward to help the government in this regard. Cow breeds: Cows, buffaloes, goats, and horses are the most important domestic animals of Bangladesh. Among them, the cow is the most effective and common. Description

If we want to improve our country

The cow is a four-legged pet. It has a long tail with two eyes, two ears, two horns and a long tuft hair at the end. Its body is covered with short hair. He has no teeth in the upper jaw. It only has teeth in the lower jaws. Its cores are split. It helps people in different ways. It is available in the world, though the size, color, and variety of the beef: The cow lives on grass, as well as it consumes some other food.

He took straw, bush (f) and oil-cake (m), he drank water. The cow once gave birth to a calf. She chews. Where to Find and Type: Cows are found everywhere in the world. The cows in winter countries are very big. But the cows in our country are small in size and many of them are weak and unhealthy. There are wild cows. They are large and powerful in size. They are various colors, such as black, white, gray, pick and mix. Utility: Utility of the cow monk.

The cows give us milk

Milk is an ideal diet. Milk is very much needed for making different types of food items. Ghee, butter, yogurt (T) cheese (FN) and many sweets made with its milk. People of all ages can drink milk and get nutrition. We need bulls for cultivation and transportation. Cowhide is also useful. When the cow is slaughtered and the meat is eaten, its hide is left. Its cover is made to create a variety of materials.

As such, our shoes and bags are made by his hide. Therefore, the skin, comedy, urine, and bones provided by the cow can play a vital role in the economy of the country. Dung is good fertilizer. It is very effective in fermenting the land. Farmers use it on land. It is also used as fuel. Dung is the best fertilizer of all. Cow horns and bones are also useful, they are used in a variety of useful materials.

Chiruni and buttons are made with his horns and bones

Of all the animals, cows are the most effective of us. A cow needs nothing at all. Nothing is unnecessary in a cow, so we should treat him kindly. The condition of the cows of Bangladesh: The cows of Bangladesh are of different quality compared to the advanced calculations. Our cows give poor amounts. Our bulls plow the fields and are too weak to drive.

Also, our cattle generally suffer in various isolation. Conclusion: Cows are one of our most important assets. So we should improve her condition by nursing and treating her properly She senior She looks extremely neutral She got her patsy hat to see TNE 403 She saw me pulling a we 1 stunt She comes in ane ks closer to the good nature of some of the Annerley. pass To Amt Dam by Your Shaders Don’t go out of the house on the ground Boa He runs my bed.

he is attacked and sometimes he is easily helped by our hands. Comcilusim Great gentleman is healthy and restores his shi reels and pests and thus 1S has done a very good job Wesouid his gracious rate he lends to all of us he is my regular companion. I like the germs I enjoy so much for having an animal of this kind, cats

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