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I met him several times, So far as I have come in know be was one of the B rd noblest ministers of the country. Birth: Muhammad A.K Fazlul Haque was born with a silver spoon in his mouth on u October 1873 at Saturnia in the district Bakergonj, He was the only son of his parents. Education: He had his early education at home in Persian and Arabic under different teachers. A student he was exceptionally meritorious. He passed the

ministers of the country

Entrance Examination in 1889 from Ba Zilla School with great credit. He passed the B.A Examination in 1894 from the Presidency College Calcutta

with honors in physics. Chemistry and Mathematics. Then he passed the A Examination with Mathematics in 1895. He passed the Bachelor of Law with distinction from the University of Calcutta in 1897. Working life: He joined the Calcutta High Court as an apprentice under Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee. Then he joined politics in 1906. He worked with Nawab Sir Salimullah. He played an important part in founding the All India Muslim League.

He worked both for the Muslim

League and the Congress. He became an M. L. C. for the first time in 1913. In 1920, he became the Chief Minister of Bengal In 1924 he became the Minister of Education. In1935, he became the first Muslim Mayor of the Calcutta Corporation. He formed the Krishak Praja Party. He was the Prime Minister of Bengal from 1936 to 1943. touch to by land of our him in s the mire A. Gis ul to Achievements:

He did much for the good of the poor peasants of Bengali. He saved them from the clutches of money lenders bypassing the Bengal Tenancy Act and the Money Lender’s Act. He also rendered yeoman’s service for the education of the Muslim of Bengal. He built many schools and colleges. He helped the Muslim Students in many ways. In 1940, in the Muslim League Conference at Lahore, he drafted and moved Resolution’ demanding a separate homeland for the Muslims. After the partition, he came to Dhaka. He served as an Advocate General of the Government of the then East

Pakistan. He formed the Joint Front and won a sweeping victory in the Election of 1954. He became the Chief Minister of the then East Pakistan. He also worked as the Home Minister in the Central Cabinet of former Pakistan for some time. He was the Governor of the then East Pakistan for a short period of time. famous “Pakistan Conclusion: Fazlul Haq was the worthy son of Bangladesh. He breathed his last on the 27th April,

1952 at the age of 89. He was buried

in the Dhaka High Court Compound. The people of Some are born great, Bangladesh will remember him for all ages to come. We can mention the following lines for him: Chinua greatness, and

The whole of Sandwip Island was underwater for several hours. It was cut off from the mainland. There was water, water, and water. Water was everywhere. Condition of Seacoast Areas: In Chittagong, the cyclone uprooted countless trees, bent electric telegraph poles and left the city without electricity. It also affected the city and telephones in many areas for several hours. The worst affected areas in Chittagong were Patenga and Halishabar water ran two to four feet high. Waves came in the wake of the cyclone, Loss by the Cyclone: Over 1500 persons were feared to have died in the tidal waves, Around so 85 percent of

the crops in the off-shore islands of Kutubdia and Sandwip and at Mirsarai completely or partially damaged. Between 60 to 75 percent of cattle in the affected areas of the island were either killed or washed away,

The Government sanctioned

10,00 maunds of food Arai and Taka 1,40,000 for the cyclone victims. The terrible cyclone of 1991: A terrible cyclone accompanied by tidal bore swept over some coastal districts of Bangladesh on the 29th April, 19S1. It swept at a speed of 235 kilometers per hour. It lasted for the whole night and caused much ruin. Thousands and thousands of houses were leveled to the ground. Trees were felled and uprooted. Lands of Hatiya, Sandwip, Urirchar. Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Kutubdia, Moheshkhali, Bhola CTC. went underwater. Crops were damaged. Ships, boats, and launches sank.

About 1 lakh 39 thousand human lives and thousands of cattle were killed. Steps were taken: The visits of such a cyclone however are few and far between. If a cyclone can be forecast correctly, people likely to be affected may take shelter at a safe place. The government with the assistance of the people of Bangladesh took prompt measures for the relief, rescue, and rehabilitation of the affected persons. Foreign nations and international organizations also came up with the necessary help.

Conclusion; We have no control over such a natural calamity. The government may, however, take pre-caution and warn the people to take shelter in safer places.

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