Human civilization

Human civilization is developing gradually with the blessings of science. Television is one of the wonders of modern science, Television is an important means of sending programmed with pictures. It is a wonderful device for sending a message to different parts of the world. Through it, we can hear programmed as well as see the speakers. Meaning of Television: The word television comes from the Latin words, ‘tele’ and ‘vision’. “Tele’ means distance and ‘vision’ means to see. So the television means to see something from a distance, We can see what is happening in the farthest corner of the world and what is happening around us.

It is the most modern means of communication of ideas and thoughts. It gives people news and views of home and abroad. It can be considered as the combination of both radio and cinema. Invention: The idea of television first came to a German scientist, Paul Nipkow. Later, in 1926, a British scientist named John L Beyard gave it a complete shape and invented television. Two things mainly work behind the television. One is the transmission of sound and another is a picture. Size of Television Television is of two kinds. One is black and white and another is color.

Television screens are of different sizes

They are of 12 inches, 14 inches, 18 inches etc. At present, very small size of the computer is seen. Necessity: Television is a great source of entertainment. After working for a long time we become tired. At that time we sit before a television set and refresh ourselves by watching songs, music, drama, cinema, etc. How to help: Television helps us not only to enjoy ourselves but also to instruct us. It helps people to get current information about the world. Different types of educative programs are telecast through the television. It arranges debating, discussion, cultural evening,

We became very pleased to see the place

information on historical events

YE LAKN TOL etc. Merits: Television is a powerful mass media like newspaper and radio. It broadcasts news and views of national and international affairs. It focuses the mind and thought of the whole nation. It highlights the existing public concern. At present television serves the purpose of games and sports. Now people need not go to the stadium by spending a lot of money and energy. They can sit before the television set and enjoy football, cricket, tennis and such other games, and sports. Television has made the world very close to us. It has conquered both time and distance. People need not go abroad to get familiar with foreigners. We can easily become familiar with the customs, traditions, fashion and dresses and cultures of the world. don’t pro for

Demerits: Television is not an unmixed blessing too. It has some demerits too. Students prefer enjoying television to reading. Besides, sometimes some naked scenes are shown on television. Young boys and girls are used to enjoying it and thus they lose their morality and lose character. There are programmes for children. Programmes for the children are educative and lovely Children enjoy T.V. programmes. It is an effective way of instruction. Some moral lessons are taught through it. Programmes are also made for the villagers. Dramas, folk songs, a lesson on the use of fertilizer, irrigation, population control, food etc. should be included in the programmes for the villagers,

Composition 457 Conclusion: In fine, television is an important medium of communication. So television programs must be educative, instructive and enjoyable. It must be able to distribute the culture to all sections of people.

Reaching the destination:

It was about 2 p. m. The bus reached the Jessore bus stand. We got down from the bus. We saw our friend and his parents waiting for us. They received us with open arms. Thus our journey came to an end. Conclusion: The joy that I had through this journey is immeasurable, I gathered much experience too, It will give pleasure for long. I remember the journey as yet.
JOURNEY BY BUS Introduction: A journey is always pleasant to me. Whenever I get time, I make a journey. Though a journey by bus is very common in our country, it is often found troublesome.

It is also a pleasure in the journey indeed. Occasion: A few days ago I with some of my friends made a journey by bus. We journeyed from Alamdanga to Jessore. Our object was to pay a visit to the house of Khaled, one of our b0%om friends. He visited us on the occasion of my sister’s marriage ceremony and invited us. We could not but accept his invitation and attend the function. Getting on the bus: We were ten in number. According to our previous arrangement, we went to the Alamdanga bus stand just at 10.30 a.m. We availed ourselves

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