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Superstition means an l agency, omen divination, etc., we are thus called to be superstitious when we believe in natural events and everything to be caused by supernatural forces. Origin of Superstition: Superstition takes us back to the time when man began to be conscIous about himself and his surrounding objects. That was practically the time for ignorance of events taking place today as they did then. But owing to his ignorance he could not explain any of them. And what he could not explain was attributed to some supernatural agent.

Forms of Superstition: There are so many forms of superstition. As such, in explaining the high waves of the sea, he thought they were supposed to be the wrath of the sea god; The earthquake was explained by saying that the earth rested on one of the horns of the great bull and when, out of exhaustion, the bull took it on the other, the earth quaked; The rains were supposed to be the sprinkling of water by the spiteful elephant of the

heavenly king. Such strange inventions

were responsible for the creation of innumerable mythical figures of ancient Greeks, Romans, and other idol worshippers. The superstitious beliefs of the Arabs in supernatural beings were almost in every sphere of their lives just before the advent of Hazrat Muhammad (sm.) As they were ignorant about the causes and their effects. Cause of Superstition: It is thus evident that the root cause of superstition is ignorance about the cause and its effect. As the former produces the latter, there must be a causal relationship between them, but when the cause of an event is surmised we do not know what it is exactly. As a result, we often make mistakes. Some of the superstitious beliefs on Examples are given below: Through disease:

The outbreak of cholera and smallpox is supposed to be the wrapper of the goddesses, Ola Jhola and Shitala respectively; Fortune and misfortune are supposed to be due to the good and evil influence of the stars and for this, people stretch out their palms to the topers who pass for palmists or astrologer; Most people are caught with great fear while passing by a grave-yard; Men are suffering from the arrangement of the brain to be possessed by ghosts and women suffer similarly to be said to be under the influence of evil. The weakness of human nature:

There is again, another kind of superstitions that

t grew out of the weakness of human nature. The students, for example, are averse to taking eggs or bananas before going to the exam hall. The screeching of the owl and the groaning of the dog in the night are likewise, treated as ominous. The call from behind when a man is proceeding for important work, the sound of sneezing, heard by such a man or the sight of an ass or washerman – are all treated as indicative of the failure of his mission. The number 13, in like manner, is regarded as a sign of misfortune in western countries. How to dispel: It is said that ignorance is the mother’s superstition as fear is its father.

In other words, ignorance, and fear, as has been illustrated above, give birth to superstitions. Education dispels both ignorance and unreasonable fear. The more the world is educated, the less it is being superstitious. The people are all scientifically minded and science deals with the causes and their effects. As the scientific mind cannot be restored with popular or vague explanations, the superstitious beliefs are becoming more and more untenable and ludicrous. Bad effect of superstition: Belief in superstition is harmful to the believer in two ways: it brings nothing to an opportunity to make money at his 

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