have a garden of my own

I have a garden of my own. I have turned a small plot of land into a garden kind of trees– fruit trees, flower plants ret cultivate various trees and flowers. Location: The garden stands in front of our house. It is 60′ long and 25′ wide. It is at the east side of our home. How to prepare the soil: I have enclosed my garden with strong fencing. I get up very early in the morning and go into my garden. I pull out weeds and grass around the roots of my plants. I turn the soil around them and make them loose with the help of a hand spade. What to grow there: I have divided my

farmers, artists, weavers, carpenter, potters, fishermen,

garden into three parts. I have kept one part for flower plants, another for vegetables and the third part for fruit trees. I have planted various kinds of flower plants in the flower garden. The Gandhara, the belt, the chameli, the kava. the kantele, champs and the Bakul are most important among them. They give us sweet scent. There are also trees of Beli that have a mild but sweet scent. The other part is for vegetables. and I growth g- different kinds of vegetables in the other part of my garden. The vegetables grown in my garden are enough to meet the needs of our family. My mother is very pleased with me for getting a regular supply of vegetables from my garden. In the third part, I cultivate fruit trees. They are mango, lichi, guava, etc Ways to nurse it: Every evening, I go into my garden. I wor

I make the soil loose with the spade.

I weed out the grass and plant flower plants. I have put a fence around my garden I water the plants I also apply suitable manure in my garden for the proper growth of the plants. Benefits: During my leisure, I spend a quite pleasant time in my garden. Then I go to my reading room with a mind full of freshness and happiness. Feeling to see it: I feel very happy when I look at my plants in flower. The beauty of the flowers in my garden gives me great pleasure, I feel very proud of my garden. Conclusion: The garden has enhanced the beauty of our entire home. The garden with flower plants looks very beautiful. It gives us all immense pleasure. Again I earn some money selling fulfilling the demand of my family. So I do not take any from my parents to buy or pen.

Composition 417 Natural beauty: The village is the seat of natural beauty. The fresh breezes blow in the morning and the evening. They cool our tired bodies. The sky looks beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Birds sing sweetly. Trees give cool shade. Boats sail in the rivers. These are not found in towns. So people can live in the village in peace. The life span of the people: In the

the village, there are three classes of people -the rich,

the middle class and the laborers. Their ways of living are also different. The rich are generally idle and ease- loving. They hardly rise at dawn. After breakfast, they go out and inspect their work, talk over village disputes and try to settle them down. After dinner, they take rest for a while. In the evening, they play games like chess, cards, dice, etc, The middle-class people are educated to some extent. They are the teachers, physicians, rent collectors, etc. Types of

people: The farmers, artists, weavers, carpenter, potters, fishermen, blacksmiths, etc. are the laboring classes. They are generally poor. They can hardly manage two square meals a day, They rise at day-break and work all day long. After sun-set, they enjoy singing of this own Jari, Sari, Apon Dollar, etc. Sometimes a man reads a “Putih” before them. They find interest in it. Though they are poor, their general health is good.

Advantages: In spite of all the draw-backs of village life, the villagers appear to be contented. They can laugh even in their utmost miserable condition. In the evening, the boys and the girls gather in the field to play the native games. There runs an echo of joy in the playground, Conclusion: A village is more neat and clean than a town. Nature’s beautiful smiles in life in a

the village which is happy and simple. The villagers have a strong sense of friendship. They have love and sympathy for oné another in danger and distress.

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