Every crisis brings some new possibilities

Every crisis brings some new possibilities. We are using that opportunity to move forward with the cooperation of all. We cannot put billions of students and their families at risk by opening educational institutions in the Corona situation. Educational institutions have been closed for their safety. If the situation is normal, the school-college will be opened. However, we have made some plans to compensate for the damage caused by the closure of educational institutions.

In an exclusive interview with Kaler Kantho last Saturday, the Minister of Education and the Joint General Secretary of the Awami League, Dr. Dipu Moni has talked about the online education system of the Corona period, various plans of the ministry, enrollment of new educational institutions, MPO, technical education and other issues.

The Minister of Education said, ‘We are trying to keep the level of learning outcomes and qualifications at the level where we can keep them intact in the shortest syllabus; So that after opening the educational institution, we can take the students to the next stage by teaching them according to our desired goal. Because if he goes to the next level without acquiring the desired learning results and the desired skills, then he will not be able to catch the next reading. ‘

He said, “In the field level survey, we have found that the classes of Sangsad TV have reached the doorsteps of about 90 per cent students through various technologies including mobile phones.” But we will not move forward leaving 10 percent behind. So we are going to introduce a toll free mobile facility, through which those 10 percent students will also get the opportunity to learn by talking directly to the teachers. Apart from this, even though there is a proposal in the budget to increase the price of internet, we are also thinking about how to provide internet facility at a nominal price only for the education sector. ‘

The education minister said, “Apart from this, we are also working to reach out to them through community radio.” There are plans to use union level information service centers and digital service centers for education. During the coronation period, we are trying to improve the quality of the way we reach out to students. We are trying to reach 100% of the students by making the best use of information technology. We are trying to make sure that our students do not drop out and stay in school. ‘

Regarding MPO enrollment, the Minister said, “Whenever any educational institution qualifies, we will enroll them in MPO in phases. Now all the institutions are closed. But MPO registration requires a lot of documentation. Even after that our effort is going on. The MPO registration process is difficult. There are various problems including recruitment in private companies. Those problems cannot be registered in MPO without checking and sorting. Last year I went to check and see that there have been some incidents of misinformation. We are trying to improve the Education Management Information Cell (EMIS) to prevent such misinformation. It will have all the updated information in that cell. As a result, misinformation will not happen. However, this year may be a longer time for verification and selection of MPO registration than last year. But once the EMIS cell is operational, I hope it won’t take too long for MPO registration and other issues. ‘

On technical education, he said, ‘Technical education is now our main focus. Because if we talk about our fourth industrial revolution, if we talk about our SDG-4, and if we talk about achieving the demographic dividend, then we have to transform our population into human resources. The countries of the world that have done well, however, have given importance to technical education. Technical education is very important for the self-employment of all of us. ‘

The education minister said, “In 2009, the number of students in technical education was less than one per cent. But now about 16 percent of the students in technical. We are trying to recruit the required number of teachers in the technical field. There are many private technical education institutes, they are not up to standard. We are trying to improve their quality. We are also investing heavily in technical education. At the same time I am trying to modernize technical education. Many think that only students from poor families will study in technology, those who are not meritorious students will study. We need to change this idea of ​​people. Technical education but for everyone. We also need to let people know that the door is open for technical students to go to higher education. We are working on those initiatives. ‘

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