EMPLOYMENT IN BANGLADESH Introduction: Employment means to remain employed in any work to carn livelihood by honest’ labour. To keep one engaged in some productive or gainful work as a means of earning bread is called employment. Agricultural or non-agricultural employment: Bangladesh is a developing country. She is an over-populated country. Unemployment problem is very acute in Bangladesh. Both learned and illiterate people are suffering from this problem. Two kinds of unemployment problem prevail in Bangladesh. They are agricultural and non-agricultural. Besides, some people work for several months during the year and remain unemployed during the rest of the months of the year,

This kind of problem is called the seasonal unemployment problem. Want of sufficient capital to set up new industries arid unutilized and unexploited natural’ resources of the country are the main causes of our unemployment problem. Self-employment: Self-employment means to remain engaged in some gainful work as a means of earning a livelihood by one’s own initiative. A self-employed man manages his own work himself. Tailoring, weaving, poultryman, singing, acting, mechanics, repairing, trading, painting

these are self-employment opportunitics in Bangladesh.

Besides, housekeeping, keeping poultry, baskets making, knitting, toy making, sewing-all these are self-employment opportunities for women. 87, GAMES AND SPORTS Introduction: Games and sports do not incur the loss of time. They are of great value to us. They min They are also a part and parcel of education.

Sports do not incur the loss of time. They are of great value to us. They are good forms of exercise. They are also a part and parcel of education. Some outdoor games: Some games are played in the open fields. They are called outdoor games. Football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball are good examples of outdoor games. The players of football run up and down in the field and kick at the ball all the time. This gives a good movement and jerking to the timbs. The players of the cricket also have to run and hit hard at the ball with bats in their hands. So this is also a good form of exercise. The players of the hockey also run all the time over the

field with hockey sticks in their hands

They strike at the ball and try to send it to the goal. So this game is a good exercise of our body and limbs, Some examples of sports: Race, long jump, high jump, discus throw are some of the examples of sports. They also give jerking to our body. So they are good forms of exercise. They make body strong and healthy. Some indoor games: Some games are played inside the room. They are called indoor games. Cards, dice, chess, carom-board are some of the examples of indoor games.

They sharpen players’ wit and increase their intelligence. Thus the players of the indoor games become very clever and skillful. Importance: The importance of games and sports is very great. They help us the prompt, strong and hardy. They also give us a lesson on discipline. Co-operation, obedience, and team-spirit. Conclusion: Sports and games are useful for our health and character. They teach us discipline, endurance, obedience, selfishness, co-operation, and many other qualities. They also make us healthy and happy.

On the 26th March 1996 a keenly

the contested football match was played between the Nabakumar Institution Team and the West End High School Team. The match started punctually at 4-30 p. m. and was played for 70 minutes with an interval of 10 minutes. It was an up and down game. There were shouts of encouragement all around the field. This made the game more interesting. It was the swiftest of the games I had ever seen. Every moment of the match was fully utilized by the players. Description öf the game: The goal-keepers of both the teams were standing still, for no-ball could reach them. The backs of both sides were very strong. So no ball could pass them for the goalposts.

There were good scorers on both sides but the backs along with their half-backs baffled all their attempts. After the interval, the match grew highly contested. Nobody could say how it would end. An exciting moment: A minute or two before the end of the match there was a penalty within the goal boundary of the West-End High School team. A kick by the back of The Nabakumar Institution team pushed the ball through the goalposts. The moment was very much exciting. I sprang up and uttered hurrah! hurrah! Before the next ball to be kicked off, the referee blew the find whistle and the match came to an end. Conclusion: The match was so exciting and interesting that the spectators clapped again and again. – The match was very much interesting to me a too I shall never forget it.

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