Dhaka city

Dhaka city and Chittagong

It is a very interesting, exciting and calculative game. It gives immense pleasure both to players and the spectators. So I like cricket most. Where played: Cricket is played in the open field. Cricket was not played in all countries in t past. Nowadays it is getting popularity and is played with interest in many countries of the world schools, colleges, universities and even in every open place in Bangladesh, cricket is played, It t played in a big round field. How played: There is a pitch in the middle of the field. Six stamps are placed with three stamps on both sides of the pitch. Two

Dhaka city and Chittagong

teams, play in a match. Every team consists of eleven players. Each team bats as well as bowls. Bowlers throw the cricket ball to the batsmen who try to throw it for and score runs. There are fielders who are at the service of stopping the runs. Three umpires, two on the field and the third umpire from outside the field control the match. The field: Cricket id played in a large field. It is 110 to 120 yards long and 70 to 80 yards wide. There is a pitch in the middle of the field. At the end of the pitch, two batsmen stand with bats in their hands. On each side there are three stamps. One bowler

throws a ball towards the batsman

and his target is to touch the stamps. If he is able to touch the stamp the batsman will be out. The team and umpire: Cricket is played between two teams of eleven players on each side. One side is called batting and another is called bowling. The players who will bowl will come to the field at a time but the players who will take batting will come first by one and later by two. On the bowling side, there are one wicket-keeper, one bowler, and nine fielders. There are two umpires to conduct the game. They with the team leaders conduct the game. The

players are bound to obey them. Usefulness: Cricket can develop friendship and brotherhood among the participants and participating countries. Lots of people watch this game standing or sitting around the field. People come together and can know each other’s culture, ideas, and thoughts. The game also keeps our bodies healthy and strong. It also helps us learn to work as a team and to maintain discipline. It makes the players cautious and prompt. Conclusion: Cricket is a good form of exercise. It makes our body strong and hardy. It also teaches us discipline, brotherhood, and team-spirit, I love the game very much which provides me amusement and pleasure which keeps me fresh

Sally ie Song people of Dhaka city and Chittagong

The city are mostly fond of F.M radio. popular media of been so important that we cannot do without It. of Radio: Marconi invented the radio in 1924. It was bused on the Invention of wireless N secret waves. It was made perfect by Madame Curie. Since 1924, the radio has been serving e people in every part of the world, Iatthortance of Radio: The radio has conquered the distance. It has brought the nations of the world her. It flashes the news of any incident within minutes of its happening in all corners of the ri, The newspaper, the cinema, the

television and the radio-these are the four important media I information. Of these, the radio is the best. A newspaper takes more time to bring news; the ema needs more time for preparation; the television is not so much popular. But the radio can Nadcast the news within a very short time. It is portable, cheap and more popular, Functions of Radio: The functions of the radio are many. It broadcasts news; it broadcasts music. It saves weather reports; it provides the market reports; it gives sports news. It satisfies all classes of people. It gives news, views, and comments. It broadcasts the

speeches of the leaders, artists and great men

It is popular with the young and the old boys and girls and to men and women alike. Usefulness: The radio is being used more and more for the purpose of education in many countries. Even in our country, special programs are broadcast for the students as well as for the young boys and girls., The students hear them and learn many things, Sometimes discussions are held among the leading persons, poets, artists, etc, and they are broadcast through the radio. The

radio inspires the people of a country during war and even in peacetime. It gives patriotic songs, narrates heroic achievements and keeps the national interests in view. During the war, it serves as the most powerful medium of propaganda and inspiration. A war is won by the radio, Disadvantage: Nothing is beyond error. Accordingly, with all its advantages radio has some disadvantages. Some young school going students pass much time listening to the radio at the time of their studies. This kills their valuable time. Besides, sometimes radio broadcast some absurd play and cinema which destroy the soft faculty of the students. So we should be careful of it so that

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