country in South East Asia

Thus they can get bread caring without education being unnecessary burdens of the country. 69. GARMENT INDUSTRIES Introduction: Bangladesh is a developing country in South East Asia. There are so many business areas here. Among them, the garment sector is the most important. Nowadays this sector has flourished a great deal. It is now expected for the light of the people of Bangladesh. It is creating new employment opportunities and new hopes for the jobless person. These industries are contributing to the economy of the country. A number of garments: In Dhaka, there are more than five hundred garments factories. Outside Dhaka, there are more than a hundred garment factories. Around the port city of Chittagong, more than twenty-five factories are running their business.

Condition of Workers: The raw materials and essential things come from abroad. Only the sewing is done in these garments factories. The governors of the factories collect employees but they are not paid well. Of course, they extract service from them. The service holders do not get wages in proportion to their hard labor. Workers of the Garments: The dream picture of this industry is that most of the employees are women. Maximum women are ignorant about technical or general education.

As they are more technical,

they are able to make dresses easily. The stress of his job in the industry is extreme, women start their work early in the morning and continue their service till late evening. They take limited holidays. Although it is very hard for them to do the work, they are helpless. They are bound to do these hard tasks. If anyone fails to do their fixed work, she is sure she will not get a full salary at the end of the month. How to improve the condition: The condition of the garment reacts to such a position that it now means an inhuman

wastage of energy. These industries are dignified only outwardly. The inner view is that of countless stories of human helpless positions. The owners of the factories want to get extra profit from these industries. The government should think about this inhuman matter and impose certain losses on them so that the workers are not ill-treated. If the wages can improve and the

working hours can be reduced

the industry will have a wholesome impact on the nation. The government should be the safeguard for the interests of the workers and the drive of industries by the law indirectly. Our poorest country in the garment industry will be a profitable enterprise. Conclusion: The garment industry is an important sector for the people of Bangladesh. But nowadays the industry is on the verge of destruction for national and international conspiracy. So to retain this industry we should all come forward to remove its problem. In ot le CL Jr

VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Introduction: The main object of education is to train young men and women in a country so that they can guide their nation freely in the light of their ideals when they begin a full life. Existing system: But the system of education in our country is faulty. It does not aim at this practical aspect, as it is for the most part academic, theoretical, and bookish. It fails to turn them into a confident and self-directing man. So when he enters practical life at the clone of the academic career he faces the problems and complexities of the world.

He is dependent on others as his guides in the wide sea life. The university degree does not make him capable of earning enough to earn his livelihood. Such educated unemployed or ill-employed citizens, really worsen the problem of unemployment in a free state. Benefits of Vocational education: Vocational education aims at making a person fit, for a particular vocation in life imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge. The object is to provide young learners with a sure foothold in the battle of life. Even he can earn himself. He

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