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After school hours, I come back home and wash my hands and face. After braving some light refreshment, I take full rest. Then I go to the field to play with my friends. I return home before sunset and wash my hands, legs and face. The evening / the night: When I hear the Azan, I say Magrib prayers. Then I go to my reading room to prepare my lessons for the next day. I read up to 8 o’clock. At 8 o’clock at night, I listen to the news on the television. At 10 p.m. I have supper with my parents. Then I say my prayers and go to bed at 11 p.m. to have a sound sleep. On Friday: On

managed schools have a magazine

Fridays and other holidays, my routine is different from this. Every Friday, I wash my clothes and cleanse shoes and other things in the morning. At about 1 P.M, I take my meals and take rest. It is during the holidays that I visit my friends and relatives in their houses. Sometimes my friends and relatives visit our house on holidays and we pass our time in merriment. Usefulness: A daily routine helps us to accomplish our duties promptly, punctually and successfully. Conclusion: I strictly follow the time-table to my daily life. This well-regulated daily life keeps me happy, healthy and active. Well-regulated daily life leads one to success in all affairs of life. So we should not put off anything till tomorrow.

Introduction: Every man should lead his life in a disciplined way

To perform our duties in time everybody should have a daily routine. None can perform his work perfectly and smoothly without a daily routine. It is a guideline to go in the right path. I am a student of class IX. I am an ambitious boy and I want to do well in life. My daily life is well-regulated. My daily life is a peculiar one. I always try to follow the routine and do my duties regularly. Morning work: I get up from bed at dawn. I brush my teeth, was. my hands and feet Then my prayers. After prayers, I go out for a walk in the open air for an hour. Then I return home my breakfast and sit down to study. I read up to 10 a. m. After that, I go to the pond to bathe

Preparation for school: After bathing, I come to my room, put on my college dress, comb hair and make myself ready to go to college. Making everything ready I take my breakfast. Our school is a stone’s throw from our house. So, I require ten minutes to go there. Work in the school: I go to school at half-past ten. Our school begins at 11 o’clock. At school1 sit on the first bench and pay full attention to my lessons. I do what the teachers tell to do. Our school breaks up at half-past four.

in a manuscript form

Almost all well-managed schools have a magazine which is published every affair of the student It may be printed or an It’s character: The college magazine is different from other journals. Its area is limited with the lav also in the year. students. It publishes articles, poems, stories, and memorable events written by study How published: In order to publish a college magazine, a magazine committee is formed to select the articles. It consists of teachers and students. The president of the committee is generally the Principal. A teacher is an editor; some students help him as a sub-editor. It is the duty of the sub-editors to collect essays, poems, short stories, cartoons, etc. from among the students of the college Then they

select readable and attractive ones. They have to handle a big file. It is a very But the success of a magazine depends on it. Content of the magazine: The contents of the magazine are mostly collected from the t a The magazine has many articles. Some are literary subjects and some are scientific Besides, poems, short stories, memorable event life, etc are found. achievements of the school in sports and games, results of the examinations and other phases of the school. In short, it gives a vivid picture of a year of the school. There is a column for the editor.

He reviews the activities of the

college. The president writes the forward. Group photographs of teachers and students are also found in this magazine. Monetary function: A fund is collected and subscription is realized for the purpose partly from the students and partly from the Government grant. Usefulness: The college magazine serves useful purposes. It brings the students in close touch with one another. The writers of articles have to read books other than their textbooks. Thus the magazine increases the knowledge of the students and sharpens their power of thinking and reasoning. A regular contributor to the school magazine will improve their style of writing and give them an .

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