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I choose this profession: Law has its own charm. It will never turn into a dull affair. It uät enable me to realise my idea of life, Hence, I shall read law after passing the B. A. Examination and qualify for the legal profession. How to reach the goal: Every citizen should try to serve his country. But one cannot be a good citizen without the study of law. When I have completed the law course, I shall practice as a lawyer. I shall be able to live happily and honestly. On the contrary, 1 shall have an.ample scope to serve my country and the people. My task: Our country needs good leadership in

profession: Law has its own charm

social and political fields. Common people are not politically conscious. They cannot solve their social problems, as they are not always educated. As a lawyer, I shall have enough time and opportunity to work for the good of the common people. I can also give them leadership in social and political work. Very often people suffer because they do not know how to help themselves. But if they are guided properly, they will be able to solve many of their problems without any help from others. Contribution to the

country: The progress of the country means the progress of the people.

So, I shall serve the country so that the people make progress in life. I shall feel delighted to follow the profession and thereby to serve the people and the country at large. Conclusion: Everyone should select a profession that will ensure personal happiness in life and give him scope to work for the well-being of his country.

Introduction: “Life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder.” The future life of a man solely depends on his aim otherwise he is sure to fail in building up his future career. A rudderless shin cannot move properly and reach a definite goal. Similarly, an aimless man cannot lead his life in a definite direction. He may get obstacles at every step. An aimless man is just like a rudderless ship. Everybody should decide in his boyhood what in the future life will have his aim. Life of aimless man: Each man should have an aim in life. A man having no aim is like a boat without a rudder.

An aimless man can never gain prosperity and success in life. He suffers in the long run. My aim in life: I am a student. It is the best form my aim in life. Thinking everything I have decided to become a doctor. I have already shared my plan with my parents. They have agreed with me unanimousl

My well-wishers have also supported me

to be a doctor, Reason to choose it: I am the oldest son of my poor parents. My father sent me to school with high hopes. He wishes to get monetary help from me as soon as possible. So, I have made up my mind to become a money earning member of my family and the best helper of the people of the country. Besides, we have got many duties to perform for the well-being of our country, I have been thinking from my very childhood how to render a good service to our nation. Our country is lacking in qualified doctors. Not only that, but there is also a complaint

that some doctors do not treat patients with sympathy even they do not behave well with them. I, therefore, have decided to become a doctor one set an example in the matter of treatment of my patients and behavior with them. How to reach my target: After passing the S. S. C. Examination, I shall get myself admitted to a college. I shall take up Science in H. S. C. After passing the H. S. C. Examination in science group, I shall get myself

admitted to a Medical College. How to serve: Having passed the M.B.B.S. Examination, I shall return to my village home and establish a charitable dispensary. Thus I will serve the people of our country. I shall treat the poor free of cost. But I shall receive my fees from the rich for earning my livelihood. I will take this charitable dispensary into a private hospital. Then I will appoint some nurses and doctors. I will fix fees for the treatment of the patients. Thus I will help the country to remove the unemployment problem

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