A Winter Morning Season

The morning of the winter, a season is known as a winter morning. winter is the coldest season of all the season. 

A Winter Morning Season

it is ginned generally in the middle of November and lasts till the middle of February. A winter morning is misty and cool. There is dense fog every day. sometimes there is so dense fog that the rays of the sun cannot be seen properly. Similarly, things at a little distance cannot be seen clearly because of fog. Dew drops begin to fall at night and last until the sun rises in the morning. When the morning sun rises, the grasses look like glittering gold. Mists often hang like a thick veil and hide the face of the earth. The mists also gather in drops upon the leaves of a tress of the blades of glass. The sun rises late. There is every chance of fatal road accidents when the morning is very much foggy and misty because the drivers cannot see the road clearly so that they can drive without any difficulty.

people usually do not get up very early

The old men and the children remain inside their houses because they are afraid of shivering cold. They gather some dried leaves and the make fire to keep themselves warm. The sufferings of the poor in the winter morning know no bounds. They bask in the sun. The old also suffer much in the winter. They shiver in cold. They shiver in cold. They suffer from a cough and cold, The school going students do not like a winter morning because they are too get up early in the severe cold and go to school. In winter nature looks dead and gloomy.trees and plants are bare of leaves. Most of the birds migrate. Everybody hurries back home in the evening and go to bed early. It is also a suitable season for various activities. Farmers can work hard. Social festivals are also held in the season. 

It is also the time for school and college sports

players do not feel tired as the days are cool. In the winter morning, people enjoy eating native cakes or pithas and drinking date-juice. some people come to sell date juice in the winter morning. It is very pleasant to take a glass of date, juice in the morning. Molasses, candies, and sugar are also made of it. so housewives make many kinds of cakes in this season. In winter vegetables and fruits like cabbages, cauliflowers, peas, and oranges grow in plenty. there is also plenty of Khai muri with ‘pataligur’and different kinds of cake and delicious food. Fish is also available in abundance in the season. personally, I do not like this morning because of its shivering cold and dryness. However, in winter the climate is moderate. People keep good health. There is comfort in eating. drinking and sleeping. Winter has not liked by any especially bt the poor people.

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