Education is the backbone of a nation

Education is the backbone of a nation. But it is a matter of great regret that illiteracy exists on a mass scale in our country. The curse of illiteracy should be removed. Causes: Our national life is retarded and beset with innumerable problems- problems created by illiteracy, poverty, and superstition. Most of the people in the villages are superstitious and they think that female education is anti-religious. Besides, poverty-stricken people engage their children for earning. So, they don’t allow their children to go to school. As a result, we have got innumerable illiterate people. Demerits: As most of the people of our country are illiterate, the farmers are quite ignorant of the latest technical know-how of production and as a result, agricultural output is very small. In mills on factories

illiterate and non-skilled workers cannot ensure full capacity production. Thus in every step of life, our production is very small. Solution: Removal of illiteracy should get topmost priority and be our immediate task. We must be pragmatic in our approach and an elaborate program should be chalked out in this regard. Students can spare some time to educate their unfortunate illiterate brethren and take an increasing share in the task of national development. Conclusion: Our Government has recently made

primary education free and compulsory

and declared female education up to class VIII free. If this programme comes out successful, the greater part of our illiterate masses is likely to be free from the curse of illiteracy. Besides, food for education programme has been introduced at the primary level. This programme has started showing very good results, and an increasing number of children have started going to schools. 84. TOURISM IN BANGLADESH in the place

Del I Composition 451 What happens to a man who does not rise early: A late riser is a lazy man. He spends his most valuable time idly. He who rises late starts his work late. He always lags behind. A late riser does not keep in sound health. He suffers from dullness, dizziness and drowsiness and various other diseases. Its importance on the life of students: This habit gives us a lot of time for work. Getting early we can take some exercises or a walk in the morning. The student who rises late begins reading late.

He cannot prepare all his lessons for the day.

He is scolded and punished by his teachers in school. He cannot grow up as an active and smart boy. He is dull by nature. So it is very important for a student to leave his bed early in the morning and perform his duties properly. Ultimately he becomes a successful man. Conclusion: “Well begun is half done” goes the proverb. The man who rises early finds time to do more works for himself and for the welfare of others. So all of us should try to be an early riser. He should remember the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

UNITY IS STRENGTH Introduction: Man is a social being. In society he cannot live alone, A man, however strong or intelligent he may be, cannot alone fight out all the difficulties and obstacles that happen, He requires help from some men around him to overcome them. With the help of others, he can subdue them. So runs an English saying, “United we stand, divided we fall.” What it means: The proverb ‘Unity is strength’ will always hold good. It means that so long as the members of a family or of a club or of any other organization keep together,

no one will be able to harm them.

But if they divide, they must fall. Similarly, if the citizens of a country are united, no other greater foreign aggressive power shall be able to occupy it, The value of unity: The value of unity is perceived in every walk of life. So long as the members of a family work together everything goes on well with it. But when they quarrel, it goes to ruin. History gives us many examples of unity. In ancient times Greece was divided into several small states. But so long as they acted together, the Persians could do nothing. Alexander the Great, was able to conquer Punjab, mainly because there was then no unity among the Indian princes.

The man who rises Carly in the morning can be benefited both physically and mentally. He keeps good health and maintains peace of mind. Benefits of early rising: Early rising is beneficial to both body and mind. An early riser can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. Morning air is fresh and invigorating. An early riser can refresh his mind by inhaling pure-air. He keeps

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